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The CyberWire

The Manhattan terror suspect claims allegiance to ISIS, but ISIS hasn't claimed him. Crimeware notes. Patching news. Crypto wars update. What the Senate learned about info ops.

The CyberWire
Released on Nov 2, 2017

In today's podcast, we hear that, while the Manhattan truck-ramming terrorist claims ISIS, ISIS hasn't claimed him. Notes on conventional cybercrime, with some resurgent banking Trojans and mobile malware. Apple patches iOS against KRACK vulnerabilities. WordPress issues another fix for SQL injection bugs. US Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein takes up the pro-access banner in the crypto wars, but few from the tech sector are rallying to him. Senate hearings on Russian influence operations continue. Chris Poulin from BAH on augmenting human capabilities. Robert Knapp from CyberGhost on employers raising awareness of cyber security within their organizations.