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Satori botnet is awake (and it's not engaged in enlightenment). State-sponsored spyware campaigns. ISIS threatens cyberattacks.

The CyberWire

Release Date: 12/06/2017

In today's podcast, we learn that the Satori botnet flashed into existence yesterday with 280,000 bots. Is there a router zero-day out there? Insecure cryptocurrency apps aren't deterring speculators. How much energy does Bitcoin use? About as much as Denmark. Ethiopia's government is said to be using spyware against journalists. Iran's Charming Kitty espionage group is looking at media, academics, activists, and political advisors. ISIS threatens cyber havoc this Friday. Joe Carrigan from JHU on breach fatigue. Cat Coode from Binary Tattoo on social media safety. And the IOC takes a poke at Russia. Expect Fancy and Cozy Bear to poke right back.