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The CyberWire

Updates on Triton ICS malware attack. DPRK and WannaCry. Cryptocurrency crime and an alt-coin market correction. Fancy Bear sightings.

The CyberWire
Released on Dec 22, 2017

In today's podcast we hear some updates on the Triton ICS malware campaign. North Korea amplifies its denials of responsibility for WannaCry. Cryptocurrency markets undergo a strong correction. "Blockchain" remains a word to conjure with. Citing a potential risk to national security, Lithuania's government bans Kaspersky software. ESET thinks Fancy Bear is growing more cunning and evasive. Chris Poulin from BAH on the transition to self driving cars, and the problem with selling fear and uncertainty. Guest is Kim DeCarlis from Gigamon on marketing cyber security. And how does Siri handle various linguistic challenges?