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Iranian dissent takes to Tor. Iran cracks down on Internet services (and Infy gets busy). Kernel memory issue in Intel processors. macOS bug published. "Trackmageddon." Curating YouTube. Condolences to a SWATTING victim's family.

The CyberWire

Release Date: 01/03/2018

In today's podcast we hear that Iran's crackdown on Internet channels of dissent continues. Intel processors are determined to have a deep security flaw: cloud users are likely to be affected. A macOS local privilege escalation vulnerability is published. The "Trackmageddon" location service vulnerability seems to originate in a buggy API. The suicide forest video appears to have passed through YouTube's human curators. The man arrested in the Wichita police shooting may have been a serial SWATTER. Joe Carrigan from JHU on holiday IoT devices. Guest is Thomas Jones from Bay Dynamics on updated NIST rules for DOD contractors.