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MSP 031 Bartie Awards

the MadStage Podcast
Released on Aug 23, 2017

Suzan and Buzz dusted off their fancy duds and attended the annual Bartie Awards so they could chat with some of the winners.

  • Ariel LeBron (Best Choreographer co-winner; "The Nance")
  • Michelle Dayton (Best Prop Design; "Steel Magnolias")
  • Zak Stowe (Best Lighting Design - Evjue; "Die, Mommie, Die")
  • Edric Johnson (Best Actor in a Short; Barbara in "Crafty," Wrong for the Part)
  • Scott Albert Bennett (Best Lead Actor in a Comedy; Angela in "Die, Mommie, Die")
  • Whitney Derendinger (Best Supporting Actor in a Drama; Caleb in "The Whipping Man")
  • Tosumba Welch (Best Lead Actor in a Drama; Simon in "The Whipping Man")
  • Bonnie Balke (Producer of "August: Osage County," Best Production of the Season)
  • David Pausch (Director of "August: Osage County")
  • Gretchen Wheat (Sarah Whelan Award recipient)
  • Stacey Garbarski (Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy; Edith in "Die, Mommie, Die")