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The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast

Open letter about the future of TPGC

The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast
Released on Jun 2, 2016

Hey Partysans!

First I want to start with how self serving and icky making a letter like this is, nothing about it feels right on this end.  Feeling like you are important enough to warrant an “announcement letter” will never feel right, however as a person that has read these sorts of things, I never feel ill of the writer and usually appreciate the news, I can only hope you feel this way. If not, please don’t tell me, it will just upset me.

Next, I am a very poor writer, its why I do most of my communication verbally: you can’t notice I have a terrible grasp of the language and my voice makes some lucky people tingle, so that is a big win over writing.  Please pardon my usage and grammar mistakes, and just assume I am a dullard.

Here we go:

What’s up Bruce?

Nothing much, still moderating the Party Gamecast and having fun being a host on On Board Games.  I also hope to get The Just Barely Sports Podcast back up and running under the Inverse Genius banner, they have offered me a chance to be a part of their “network” joining the Flagship podcast, On Board Games, On RPGs, Games in Schools and Libraries and Room Escape Divas.  I think this is be a great step towards getting the idea of checking out what is fun and wacky and goofy in sports out to more people, and I want to thank them for the chance to be a part of the network. Look for that in July or August.

…that’s good and all, but what about The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast?

I’m glad you said the whole thing, I didn’t in the last paragraph, and it felt a little naked. Well huge things on the horizon for the show.  I think to make it easier to digest I will do it with bullet points (for the tl:dr just read the bolded stuff).



Thank you so much (and I mean this) for reading all of this,