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Today in iOS Podcast - The Unofficial iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch News and iPhone Apps Podcast

September 7th 2016 - Apple / iPhone Rumor Bingo

Today in iOS Podcast - The Unofficial iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch News and iPhone Apps Podcast
Released on Sep 6, 2016


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As always - I would like to point out - not everything on the bing card are items I think will be announced.  However these are the top rumors out there leading into the September 7th 2016 keynote event. 


Remember the event will be live streamed September 7th at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT -  Live streaming requires an iOS device, Safari on a Mac, An Apple TV or PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. 


Please leave comments about the live event in the post this is pinned to the top of the Tii Google+ community - go there to add in your comments live as the keynote unfolds.


Per the Rumor Bingo card above for those sight impaired and using Voiceover.  Below is the actual layout of the bingo card going left to right in plain text.


Top Row:

5.5 inch iPhone with dual camera module on back side

iPhone 6 and 6+ are killed off the Apple store

4 LED's for the new and improved back side flash

Apple Watch 2 with GPD but not with Cellular

The new iPhones will be called the iPhone 7 and 7+


Second Row:

New MacBook Pros announced

A10 Processor with M10 coprocessor announced in new iPhones

Smart Connector for the 5.5 inch iPhone only

Apple Watch 2 introduced

Apple Watch 2 same size as original models


Third Row:

The Homebutton is now flush with the screen and does not move

Black is introduced as a new color for the iPhones

Free Box

New iPhones are the same basic design as the 6 / 6S 

Stereo Speakers on the bottom of the new iPhones


Fourth Row:

Improved NFC with full access to NFC

New iPhones come with lightening EarPods

iPhones announced as Water Resistant

Storage levels of iPhones now 32, 128 and 258 GB 

Improved 3D touch with lower latency


Fifth Row:

3GB of RAM for the 5.5 Inch iPhone only.  

iPad Mini 5 in Rose Gold and Water Resistant 

iPad Mini 5 Introduced

iPad Mini 5 with 3D touch, 5MM thin, A9 Processor

HeadPhone Jack Removed from New iPhones