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Apple Q4 2016 - Quarterly Report Summary:

Rev = $52.9 Billion (vs $50.6 Billion a year ago quarter and $78.4 Billion last quarter)

Total Cash = $256.8 Billion (Up $10.7 Billion for the quarter from $246.1 Billion)


Last Quarter Sales:

iPhones Sold = 50.8 Mil (vs 51.2 Mil a year ago quarter and 78.3 Mil last quarter)

iPads Sold = 8.9 Mil (vs 10.3 Mil as year ago quarter and 13.1 Mil last quarter)

Mac's Sold = 4.2 Mil (vs 4.0 Mil a year ago quarter and 5.4 Mil last quarter)


Misc Notes:

Strong Revenue Growth

Increase in Services for all services.




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