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Too Nerdy For TV

The Monkeys Paw(d) - Magical Mystery Music

Too Nerdy For TV
Released on Aug 25, 2016

Tonight, the Human Test Monkey tries out something new. Adding music into the mix and delving into the deep, dark, sexy secrets of the occult. Not like in a weird way or anything. It's just basically what happens when B.J. has a couple of drinks and starts talking about things that are interesting to him. In this case - music and the mystical. Be forewarned that the music may be a bit loud compared to his smooth soothing voice but given what they are all about, it kinda fits.

Boney M - Rasputin (1978)
Ozzy Osbourne - Mr Crowley (1980)
Penal Colony - Freemasons of Enochian Magic (1995)
Todo en la Vida - Elia y Elizabeth (1972)