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The Young Turks - FREE (Audio)

TYT - 11.29.17: Trump Muslim Tweets, Net Neutrality, Slave Auction, and War Criminal Suicide

The Young Turks - FREE (Audio)
Released on Nov 30, 2017

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from November 29th, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Cenk & John. Trump tweets out fake Muslim video from UK. Responses to Trump’s RT of Muslim videos. Fake comments submitted to FCC about net neutrality.

Hour 2: Cenk & John. African refugees being bought and sold as slaves in Libya. Bosnian war criminal drinks poison in court & dies. Matt Lauer fired for sexual harassment. Garrison Keillor fired from Minnesota Public Radio for inappropriate behavior. Scarborough bro claps back at Trump tweets dissing Joe.