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Video Game Book Club Podcast

VGBC Episode 46: Cockfest 2015 w/ Travis Toy of Rascal Flatts! /// Also: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, Dragon's Lair, Tell Tale's Game of Thrones, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Metal Gear, Gaming Pet Peeves, and... what was it again? Oh yea- MOOOAAA

Video Game Book Club Podcast
Released on Jan 22, 2015

OK guys and gals, not gonna lie, there's a lot of dick jokes in the episode... like, A LOT. Just be warned. Aside from that though, we've got all the normal video game talk and with none other than Travis Toy of Rascal Flatts. Travis and RF are about to start a residency at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, so yea, pretty big deal.

ALSO- Joe will be attending PAX South this year, so make sure to keep an eye on his Twitter and Instagram accounts (@jauxking on both) for awesome pics and other awesomeness!

We'll be taking a break next week for PAX South, but we'll be back in two weeks and ready to talk about it!


Wow, longest show notes ever. Thanks for listening! xo