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Warheads Podcast

Warheads 001

Warheads Podcast
Released on Jan 12, 2014

Following on from such innovations as penicillin, democracy and armoured warfare, we've decided to make the world a better place by producing our very own Warheads podcast. It turned out to be relatively straightforward, stick four friends in a quiet corner of the pub and add one recording device.

I enclose an actual contents list but to summarise, we discuss Bolt Action, Flames of War, the peculiarities of Irish wargaming and bicker relentlessly. We've also noticed that the background noise tends to pick up whenever Floody speaks, as if the universe itself wishes to silence the opinions of our worst cheese-monger. Our only concession to our listener (hi, John) is to keep it under an hour in length.

00:00- Our presenters introduce themselves and our listener(s) are aurally assaulted by our theme song.

02:18- Operation Encore: an introduction to Irish tournaments, the Madagascar theory of meta-gaming.

06:48- List Discussions: God bless and help you, King Tigers.

12:45- Day 1 AAR: grace in defeat is a foreign concept.

25:06- Day 2 AAR: chasing your own tail and the perils of the Swiss system.

35:16- Hobby Shack Preview: how not to alienate new players and make friends.

39:54- General FoW Chatter: the dreaded comp, tournament missions, general squabbling.

47:10- Bolt Action Chatter: The pedigree of the game and the strange concept of "fun".

The hosts can generally be found at if you feel the urge to berate them.