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Warheads Podcast

Warheads 002

Warheads Podcast
Released on Jan 12, 2014

We introduce the second episode of our podcast. This episode reviews some of the newest Flames of War lists, Bolt Action as a tournament game and touches on upcoming Flames of War tournaments in Ireland. In theory, anyway.

In practice, things go differently .

00:00- Our presenters forget to introduce themselves, we discuss the moral theory of disease and New Year's Resolutions.

04:14- We discuss the Hobby Shack tournament and run through our proposed lists as wild, unfounded accusations are made.

17:09- The German lists from Desperate Measures are studied as we look for that mythical beast, a great German mechanised list. The Super Stuka is acclaimed by almost all.

34:07- Brian discusses the Soviet lists. Are the Hero Companies going to save the Soviets from obsolesence? We couldn't help shading into the revised Red Bear lists towards the end.

40:15- In a battle of old stale minds versus new shiny hopeful types, we debate the Bolt Action Tournament Pack, specifically, the infamous twelve dice cap.

59:37- We, very quickly, discuss the up-coming Bolt Action League in Dublin.

As ever, the hosts can be found at plotting against each other.