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Warheads Podcast

Warheads Episode 6

Warheads Podcast
Released on May 17, 2014

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Warheads podcast. Vile aspersions are cast upon all involved as we run through our recent games, recent army books, not-so-recent history and upcoming Irish events.


00:23 Pop Quiz! Baz is covered in shame. Shame....

03:35 Brian tells us of his participation game in which we discover that centralised control is a real and ongoing problem.

10:16 We run through our own AARs and what we've learnt since the last podcast. Very little, in Pádraic's case.

17:14 Like a reverse AA meeting, Baz shows us how to recover from a gaming tailspin and dive back into the throes of plastic/resin addiction.

33:44 Like a olde time prophet, Floody emerges from the deep desert holding a book and preaching news of Italian theatre Axis lists.

47:15 To round out the show, we talk about upcoming events. The focus falls heavily on Clash of Steel and we discuss possible tank lists and the strange but refreshing restrictions.