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Warheads Podcast

Warheads Episode 7

Warheads Podcast
Released on Jun 9, 2014

We've hit lucky number seven. The episode runs through the Warheads Club League, the Road to Rome book, the Bolt Action FAQ, upcoming Irish events, ETC preparation and hints at things to come.

00:00:00- Brian opens the podcast with some unfortunate jive talk before we segue into a discussion of the first half of our club league. Several people who are not the reigning All-Ireland FoW Champion™ have the damnable gall and temerity to doubt the reigning All-Ireland FoW Champion™ as he dispenses knowledge and wisdom.

00:30:40- We briefly run through the Nordicon rulespack and conduct a quick headcount of interested parties. The traditional infantry-hate segment is gotten out of the way.

00:34:04- We discuss the Border Bash, an European Team Championship warm-up event. Ireland will be playing Northern Ireland to test lists and practice under ETC conditions. Some of the hosts are involved, others are persisting in hanging out in the fresh air instead and we all detour slightly into a paean to that most glorious of wargaming events, ze ETC.

00:46:12- Floody roundly condemns the Road to Rome books before backtracking faster than *insert historically inaccurate joke about French tanks*. He does completely miss the tank list that can field NGFS. Shameful.

01:06:12- Brian gets to talk Bolt Action as our brutal campaign of repression comes to an end. Does the new FAQ bring the re-birth of heavy (read:cool and iconic) tanks as a competitive choice?

01:12:03- The crew suggest that we will be giving good stuff for free if you do something which we will specify in the next podcast. Its mystery is surpassed only by the clumsiness of its announcement.