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Weekend Edition

Everyday beauty on the streets of Tel Aviv

Weekend Edition
Released on Feb 6, 2014


Michal Ben Tovim, curator at the Eretz Israel museum, talks about the exhibition celebrating 100 years of aviation.


The folk group ISAIAH play two magical songs live in the studio on the bouzouki and harmonium.


Dr. Martin Auerbach, National Clinical Director of Amcha, an organization dedicated to help holocaust survivors, speaks about the emotional troubles facing holocaust survivors as they enter their last years.


Historian Ken Spiro discusses two events that happened this week in history in the land of Israel: The Israeli forces withdrawing from Sinai in 1957 and the death of Menachem Begin in 1992.


Karen Alkalay Gut, award winning poet, professor and editor is our first Person of the Week.


More than half the inhabitants of Israel are descendant from the nearly million Jews who had to leave Arab nations after Israel’s independence. MK Shimon Ohayon talks about the bill for a Jewish Refugee Day that is sure to pass in the Knesset.


Gil Regev talks about his legal tours: Why were there fist fights among Christian denominations surrounding the Church of the Holy Sepulchre? What is the legal basis for the Women of the Wall’s fight for equality?


Shira Levy from Sipur Pashut Bookstore talks about two books of photographs from the streets of Tel Aviv by Denis Kopylenko.


Rabbi David Horowitz talks about the meaning behind this week’s parashat hashavua: Giving also entails allowing the others to give back.


Avner Meyrav, Managing Editor at NoCamels, talks with a top Israeli scientist, who says he believes there may have been life in the universe 13 billion years ago.



1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us

2. Madness – Our House

3. Vengaboyz – Ibiza

4. Sharon Haziz & Ivri Lider – Flashlights (Panasim)

5. Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills

6. T.Y.P – Let’s Do it Right

7. Bruno Mars – Young Girls

8. Shlomi Shaban – Arik

9. Uri Banay – Wedding Invitation (Hazmana Lehatoona)