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Grand Master Mark Shuey is a martial arts practitioner from California. He is the creator of the American Cane System.

I learned in martial arts, it wasn't being tough. There's a lot more to it about maturity, taking care of the family, taking care of yourself...

Grand Master Mark Shuey - Episode 238

Martial arts is a path many take when they want to learn self-defense and protect yourself from aggressors. This is definitely not the path Grand Master Mark Shuey was taking when he first started martial arts. Grand Master Shuey was a weightlifter, wrestler and wasn’t always known for being a pacifist. He started with Chuck Norris' system and from that point, his journey as a martial artist was solidified, in not only winning championships but also creating his own cane system. Grand Master Shuey truly had an adventurous ride, but it was worth it. Listen to the story of tough-guy-turned-martial-artist, Grand Master Mark Shuey.