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Sensei Buzz Durkin is a karate practitioner and instructor from New Hampshire. He’s well known as an author and authority on Uechi-Ryu karate.

You know before I left for Vietnam, I teached Judge Madsen, put his arm around me, I'll never forget it and he said; don't worry Buzz, he said, all our black belts have done well over there.

Sensei Buzz Durkin - Episode 254

We often hear stories from guests and fellow martial artists that they’ve started their journey to overcome some sort of adversity in their lives. Our guest in this episode, Sensei Buzz Durkin, grew up with a good family, but he did have one challenge to overcome - war. Sensei Durkin’s journey started before he went on to serve in the military during the Vietnam War where he gained  a handful of stories to share. Listen to know more!