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Maximum Life with Pastor Zach Terry

Jesus - The True and Better Temple

Maximum Life with Pastor Zach Terry
Released on May 9, 2017

INTRODUCTION: There are three ways a Preacher approaches a sermon.

  1. Biblical Exposition - This is when a Preacher chooses a section of scripture, explains it’s context, then draws out the meaning of the text as it meant to the original audience and develops applications and implications for the modern audience.
  2. Systematic Theology - This is when a Preacher selects a particular doctrine then proves or defends with many verse from all over the Bible.
  3. Biblical Theology - This is when a Preacher pulls one concept and traces it through the whole storyline of scripture. It’s like taking a thread and tracing it through an entire garment. 


ILLUSTRATION: Think of it this way - Biblical Theology is like zooming out on google earth. Exposition is street view. Systematic is explaining the difference between a street and an interstate. 


Today we are going to be doing biblical theology. We are tracing the theme of TEMPLE through the whole bible.