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Voices of Deconversion

Encouraging Atheist and Agnostic Ex-Christians with Inspiring Stories of Deconversion

info_outline 053 Stars from Streetlights: Musicians Austrian & Steve Discuss Deconversion & Their New Song "Heathen" 11/29/2018
info_outline 052 Emancipation of a Black Atheist. Author D.K. Evans Shares His Journey out of Christianity 11/06/2018
info_outline 051 Leah Nitcher: Fundamentalist to Atheist-Back & Forth. Mental Health Battle (she's a fighter). Giving God an Ultimatum. 10/26/2018
info_outline 050 Andrew Jasko: Minister Prepping for Missions to India/Bible Caused Mental Distress/Quits Ministry/Starts Over as an Atheist. 10/12/2018
info_outline 049 Gary Hogue: Endures Homelessness, Jail and Tragedy. An Ex-Mormon's Inspiring Story! 09/28/2018
info_outline 048 Richard (Tales from the Church): Satanic Panic, Indoctrinating Kids and Being Raised Southern Baptist with a Pentecostal Twist 09/13/2018
info_outline 047 Objectively Dan: Methodist Raised, He Loved Camp Ministry. Wanted Good Reasons to Believe. He Encounters Street Epistemology! 08/28/2018
info_outline Busy Summer Update! 08/22/2018
info_outline 046 Nicki: Grew up Charismatic & Loved It! Learns to Read People. She Rebels, Then Returns. Her Mom's a Prophet. Doubts Persist, Atheism Follows. 08/01/2018
info_outline 045 Christine Goodrich: Forsaking Faith Co-Host. Raised Charismatic is Now Atheist. She Sought God and Felt Guilt. Her Mom was an Evangelist. 07/19/2018
info_outline 044 Eva Quinones: President of Humanistas Seculares de Puerto Rico who Sued the Government for Separation of Church and State. She's a Humanist Agnostic-Atheist 07/07/2018
info_outline 043 Ric Caliolio: Baptized Roman Catholic. Loves Science. Trades Fatalism for Self-Determination as an Agnostic-Atheist 06/21/2018
info_outline 042 L.A. & T: Pastor for 26 Yrs., Deconverts & Church Leaders Follow! His Radio Contract Gets Torn Up. He's a Top 300 Minister. Change Begins in India. 06/08/2018
info_outline 041 Heather Bailey: Forsaking Faith Podcast Co-Host. From Dancing Charismatic to Agnostic. 05/23/2018
info_outline 040 Black Nonbelievers Inc. Founder & President: Mandisa Thomas 05/02/2018
info_outline 039 - 1 Year Anniversary Podcast!!! 04/18/2018
info_outline 038 Vilmarie Perez: Raised Evangelical. Becoming Less for God Leads to a Serious Problem. Came Out to Her Mother & was Forced to Move. 04/04/2018
info_outline 037 Benibo Ajumogobia: From Lagos, Nigeria. Mom was a Deaconess, Dad an Elder. At 16 He Cuts Out Friends, Vows Celibacy. 9/11, Howard U and CSPAN Impact Faith. Now He's Agnostic-Atheist 03/21/2018
info_outline 036 Treigg Turner: Baptist Preacher's Kid. Took the Bible Seriously. Seeds of Doubt Grow into Atheism. Joins Black Non-Believers of Cincinnati 03/07/2018
info_outline 035 Ian Redfearn - Part 2: Resigns Church Membership. Tells His Wife He Can't Do Church Anymore. Talks Atheist Spirituality & Awesome Quotes! 02/28/2018
info_outline 035 Ian Redfearn - Part 1: Billy Graham, Christian Dental Fellowship & the Toronto Blessing Play Key Roles. Ian & His Wife Face Serious Health Challenges to Her & Their Son. God Calls Him to Lead. Later Observations & Questions Cause a Big Change 02/21/2018
info_outline 034 Diversity, Your Feedback, Connecting and What's New with Voices of Deconversion! 02/15/2018
info_outline 033 Bill Finley - Part 2: Helps on Skid Row, Meets a Retired Rabbi, His Daughter Questions the Trinity, Told by His Church He Doesn't Have Enough Faith! 02/07/2018
info_outline 033 Bill Finley - Part 1: Mediates for Divorced Parents. Boy Scouts is Stabilizing. B.A. in the Bible. Officer/Minister in Salvation Army Twelve Yrs. Now Humanist. 01/31/2018
info_outline 032 Krista Cox: Feminist Humanist Alliance Advisory Board Member, Poet, Passionate About Emotional Health & Advocacy for Victims and Marginalized Communities. 01/25/2018
info_outline 031 Ryan Bell: National Organizing Manager at Secular Student Alliance. Host of the Life After God podcast. 01/17/2018
info_outline 030 Ariel Pontes - Part 2: Religion Hijacks Curiosity & Stops Inquiry. Searching for Meaning While Becoming Atheist. Making the World a Better Place. Embracing Humanism. 01/10/2018
info_outline 030 Ariel Pontes - Part 1: Raised in Brazil w/Catholicism & Spiritism. Sought an Out-of-Body Experience, Began Asking Questions. Now a Humanist, He Chairs the Americas Working Group at IHEYO 01/04/2018
info_outline 029 Vennie Kocsis - Part 2: Banished from Alaska Cult/Adjusting to Normal Life/Authentic Self/Raising Freethinking Kids 12/27/2017
info_outline 029 Vennie Kocsis - Part 1: Cult and Abuse Survivor. The Family Moved to a Compound When She Was a Little Girl. She Witnessed Rituals and Animal Sacrifice. In Her Teen Years Her Family is Banished. 12/20/2017