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Ninth Bishop of Texas

A blog devoted to the podcasting of sermons by the Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, IX Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Blog is found at or you can connect through


Type Released Title Description
03/21/2017 John 4, Jesus Talks With a Samaritan Woman No description
03/06/2017 Foibles and Follies Lent 1A  All Saints, Austin 
02/27/2017 A God's Glory Will Not Be Contained No description
02/21/2017 Let's Begin with how you are Seated No description
02/21/2017 A Poem in Motion: Diocesan Council Address 2017 Address given at the annual council of the Episcopal Diocese of T...
02/10/2017 The Good Samaritan-Luke 10:25-37 No description
02/06/2017 You are salt and light No description
02/02/2017 Undertaking the Blessing Work of Jesus No description
02/02/2017 Celebration of New Ministry No description
01/28/2017 You are called for this time No description
01/25/2017 Jesús te está buscando No description
01/17/2017 The Lamb of God No description
01/10/2017 You are prepared for priesthood No description
01/10/2017 Preventing the work of Jesus No description
12/19/2016 Lawbreaker, don't you mess around with me No description
12/12/2016 Are you the one we are looking for? No description
12/05/2016 Stories like Grains of Wheat, Sermon for Anne Attwell Montgomery No description
12/05/2016 En la Imagen de Dios Confirmation 
12/05/2016 Play On Confirmation Sermon from St. Martins, Houston December 4, 2016&nb...
11/28/2016 Memorial Service of Dr. Denton Cooley No description
11/23/2016 Happy Thanksgiving A thanksgiving message about laughter, stories, grace at meals, a...
11/21/2016 Citizens in God's Kingdom No description
11/14/2016 My Testimony November 13, 2016 at Trinity Episcopal Church Galveston, TX
11/07/2016 I Don't Think it Means What You Think it Means St. Stephen's School, St. David's Austin, St. Mary's Cypress ...
11/07/2016 Chosen Before the Foundations of the World All Saints Day Sermon 2016   
10/28/2016 Update on Mission in the Diocese of Texas At every clergy conference in the Diocese of Texas we end with an...
10/28/2016 I am glad I am not like those other people! Sermon preached at St. Paul's Waco and St Thomas College Station
10/28/2016 What Exactly Is Jesus Up To? A sermon remembering Vida Scudder
10/28/2016 Who Is Jesus Speaking To? Sermon preached at Heavenly Rest, NYC
10/28/2016 We Like to hide our Looser Status from God by Pointing out Others No description