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Beyond Sunday Worship Leader Podcast

Beyond Sunday Worship Leader podcast with David Santistevan

info_outline #198: Stephen Miller on Adoption, Songs, & Leading a Worship Department 01/17/2019
info_outline #197: Michael Pope on Playing Guitar, Worship Music, & Gear [Podcast] 01/10/2019
info_outline #196: An Interview With Meredith Andrews & Jacob Sooter [Podcast] 12/20/2018
info_outline #195: Krissy Nordhoff On Finding Your Strength As A Songwriter [Podcast] 12/07/2018
info_outline #194: Sean Feucht on Worship & Prayer Throughout the Nations [Podcast] 11/23/2018
info_outline 193: Crowder on Shaking Up the Creative Process, Holy Ghost Songs, & Airplane Conversations [Podcast] 11/09/2018
info_outline #192: Austin French on Worship, Songwriting, & Redemption Stories [Podcast] 10/26/2018
info_outline #191: Mack Brock on New Songs, New Seasons, & The Calling of a Worship Leader [Podcast] 10/12/2018
info_outline #190: John Mark McMillan on Metaphors, Creative Process, & New Music [Podcast] 09/28/2018
info_outline #189: Phil Wickham on The Songwriting Process [Podcast] 09/08/2018
info_outline #188: Pat Barrett On Faith, Spontaneous Worship, & Stepping Out [Podcast] 08/24/2018
info_outline #187: Alisa Turner On Pain, Loss, & Singing Through It All [Podcast] 08/02/2018
info_outline #186: Fred Vassallo on Leading Kids in Worship & Unleashing Creativity in the Next Generation [Podcast] 07/02/2018
info_outline #185: Harvest Bashta on Celebrity Worship, Going Deep, & Getting Real [Podcast] 06/09/2018
info_outline #184: Jen Ledger on Living For the Kingdom of God, Skillet, & Stepping Out [Podcast] 06/09/2018
info_outline #183: Andi Rozier on Vertical Worship, Discipleship, & Why You Should Write Songs [Podcast] 06/09/2018
info_outline #182: Keith Getty on Congregational Singing, Writing Hymns, & The Power of Song [Podcast] 06/09/2018
info_outline #181: Seth Mosley on Music Business, Commercial Songwriting, & Productivity [Podcast] 04/20/2018
info_outline #180: Andrew Peterson On Insecurity, Art, & Resurrection Letters [Podcast] 04/11/2018
info_outline #179: Steffany Gretzinger on Struggle, Stage Presence, & Vulnerability in Music [Podcast] 03/30/2018
info_outline #178: Brett Younker & Melodie Malone on Passion, Leading People, & The Next Generation [Podcast] 03/25/2018
info_outline #177: Cory Asbury on Humility, Songwriting Discipline, & Reckless Love [Podcast] 03/08/2018
info_outline #176: Elevation Worship on Diversity, Team Discipleship, & Elevation Collective [Podcast] 03/02/2018
info_outline #175: From Idea To iTunes: The Process of Recording a Live Worship Album [Podcast] 02/23/2018
info_outline #174: Brad & Rebekah on Disciplined Dreaming, Networking, & Writing Songs for the Church [Podcast] 02/15/2018
info_outline #173: Corey Voss On Being A Worship Pastor, Writing Melody, & Leading Spontaneous Worship [Podcast] 02/02/2018
info_outline #172: Jon Thurlow on 24/7 Prayer, Joyful Spiritual Disciplines, & Making Music [Podcast] 01/25/2018
info_outline #171: Andy Park on The Worship Renewal, Getting Older, & Effective Leadership [Podcast] 01/13/2018
info_outline #170: Rend Collective On Celebration, Laments, & Good News [Podcast] 12/23/2017
info_outline #169: Jeremy Riddle On Overcoming Self Doubt, Vulnerability, & Keeping Your Heart Alive [Podcast] 12/15/2017