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Chalk Talk Climbing Podcast

Chalk Talk is a climbing industry podcast. A place to find interesting and enlightening discussions with professionals in the rock climbing industry. In depth conversations with route setters, coaches, professional climbers, gym managers/owners and much more. Chalk Talk is the place to find inspiration and contemplation on the future of the climbing world and where to take your climbing to the next level.


Type Released Title Description
06/10/2016 Ep.58_w_Shauna_Coxse_and_Leah_Crane.mp3 No description
11/18/2015 Ep.46_-_Flashed_Climbing.mp3 No description
11/05/2015 On the web app designed to map the metrics of routesetting, climb...
10/21/2015 Ep.44_w_Tiffany_Hensley_.mp3 No description
09/22/2015 Ep.43_w_Alex_Puccio.mp3 No description
09/14/2015 Ep.42_w_Kati_Hetrick.mp3 No description
09/07/2015 Ep.41_w_Access_Fund.mp3 No description
08/31/2015 Ep.40_w_Skratch_Labs.mp3 No description
08/24/2015 Ep.39_w_Nathaniel_Coleman.mp3 No description
08/19/2015 2015_World_Cup_Roundup__Munich_Germany.mp3 No description
08/12/2015 Ep.38_w_Moja_Gear.mp3 No description
08/04/2015 Ep.37_w_Kris_22ODub22_Hampton.mp3 No description
07/27/2015 36-Heiko_Wilhelm.mp3 No description
07/13/2015 Ep.35_w_Shauna_Coxsey.mp3 No description
07/07/2015 Ep.34_w_Tonde_Katiyo.mp3 No description
06/24/2015 2015_World_Cup_Roundup_-_Chonqing.mp3 No description
06/18/2015 Ep.33-Friction_Labs.mp3 No description
06/20/2015 2015_World_Cup_Roundup_-_Vail.mp3 No description
06/02/2015 WCRoundup_-_Toronto.mp3 No description
05/19/2015 Ep.32_-_Sasha_DiGiulian.mp3 No description
05/12/2015 Ep._31-JP_DuPleisse.mp3 No description
04/15/2015 Ep.30-Aicacia_Young.mp3 No description
04/06/2015 Ep.29_w_Climbing_Business_Journal.mp3 No description
03/24/2015 Ep.28-John_Ellison.mp3 No description
03/16/2015 Ep.27_-_Josh_Larson.mp3 No description
03/04/2015 Ep.26-Phil_Bridgers.mp3 No description
02/14/2015 EP._25-Paul_Robinson.mp3 No description
02/07/2015 Episode_24_w_Don_McGrath.mp3 No description
11/10/2014 Ep.15-_Alex_Johnson.mp3 No description
12/23/2014 Ep._19_-_Dustin_Sabo.mp3 No description