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From Auckland, New Zealand - Join Dan and Antz as they take you through everything TV, Film, and Pop Culture. Unscripted, uncensored fun!

info_outline Luke Cage Season 01 [Dantzcast 31] 10/25/2016
info_outline Stranger Things [Dantzcast30] 08/24/2016
info_outline X-Men: Apocalypse [Dantzcast29] 05/30/2016
info_outline X-Men [Dantzcast28] 05/11/2016
info_outline Captain America: Civil War feat. Darren Bevan - [Dantzcast27] 05/04/2016
info_outline Captain America - [Dantzcast26] 05/04/2016
info_outline Daredevil Season 02 & Elektra (2005) - [Dantzcast25] 04/27/2016
info_outline Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice [Dantzcast24] 04/04/2016
info_outline Mamoru Hosoda - 細田 守 [Dantzcast 23] 03/16/2016
info_outline Toy Story [Dantzcast22] 03/10/2016
info_outline Quentin Tarantino [Dantzcast21] 03/03/2016
info_outline Deadpool [Dantzcast20] 02/22/2016
info_outline Alejandro González Iñárritu [Dantzcast19] 01/28/2016
info_outline Point Break [Dantzcast18] 01/22/2016
info_outline The Good Dinosaur [Dantzcast17] 01/12/2016
info_outline Star Wars: The Force Awakens feat. Nick Russell [Dantzcast16] 01/07/2016
info_outline Star Wars Prequel Trilogy feat. Nick Russell [Dantzcast15] 12/23/2015
info_outline Star Wars Original Trilogy feat. Nick Russell [Dantzcast14] 12/13/2015
info_outline Jessica Jones [Dantzcast13] 12/09/2015
info_outline The Hunger Games feat. Rachel Bache [Dantzcast12] 11/26/2015
info_outline James Bond Part 1 [Dantzcast11] 11/25/2015
info_outline James Bond Part 1 [Dantzcast10] 11/24/2015
info_outline The Wachowskis [Dantzcast 009] 11/11/2015
info_outline Daredevil [Dantzcast008] 11/05/2015
info_outline Legend [Dantzcast007] 10/28/2015
info_outline Attack on Titan - Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人 [Dantzcast006] 10/21/2015
info_outline Jurassic World [Dantzcast005] 10/14/2015
info_outline Ridley Scott [Dantzcast004] 10/07/2015
info_outline Mission: Impossible [Dantzcast003] 09/20/2015
info_outline Mad Max [Dantzcast002] 09/20/2015