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I Should Be Meditating with Alan Klima - Daily Meditation Practice, Questions Answered, and Reflections on Ekhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mooji, and other teachings from Meditation, Buddhism, Yoga, and Advaita

Guided meditations, talks, and questions answered for access to teachings and motivation in a constant stream that gets us out of distraction, worry, stress, and keeps attention focused on mindful living in awareness. Meditation help for mindfulness, sticking to a practice, and living a life of awareness. A daily show that keeps up a constant stream of influence, to keep calling attention back home to its heart.


Type Released Title Description
01/30/2017 Meditation That Works With Not Against Your Nature No description
01/21/2017 Mindful Choice Guided Meditation No description
12/29/2016 Trusting_Your_Intuition_to_Meditate No description
12/21/2016 Being_Present_Before_Things_End No description
11/23/2016 Appreciating Breath and Presence No description
11/15/2016 Your Instant Shift to the Heart of Meditation No description
11/09/2016 How_to_Get_to_the_Next_Level_in_Meditation_ISBM.mp3 No description
10/12/2016 Soaking_In_What_It_Is_To_Realize No description
10/12/2016 The Inner Channel and Caring about Meditation No description
08/19/2016 Inserting Intention into the Mix of Meditation No description
08/03/2016 Discussion_of_Eckhart_Tolle_What_Keeps_Us_From_Harming_Others_Par... No description
07/25/2016 Talk on Eckhart Tolle Power of Now – Part 2 The second installment of a two-part series on Eckhart Tolle’s ...
07/12/2016 Talk on Ekhart Tolle Power of Now No description
07/10/2016 Give_Yourself_a_Gift_MF_45min No description
07/10/2016 Give_Yourself_a_Gift_MF_30min No description
07/10/2016 Give_Yourself_a_Gift_MF_20min No description
07/10/2016 Give_Yourself_a_Gift_MF_10min No description
07/10/2016 Simply_Being_MF_45min No description
07/10/2016 Simply_Being_MF_30min No description
07/10/2016 Simply_Being_MF_20min No description
07/10/2016 Simply_Being_MF_10min No description
07/10/2016 Intimate_with_the_Inner_Mental_Attitude_MF_45min No description
07/10/2016 Intimate_with_the_Inner_Mental_Attitude_MF_30min No description
07/10/2016 Intimate_with_the_Inner_Mental_Attitude_MF_20min No description
07/10/2016 Intimate_with_Inner_Mental_Attitude_MF_10min No description
07/10/2016 Breathing_Inner_Mental_Attitude_MF_45min No description
07/10/2016 Breathing_Inner_Mental_Attitude_MF_30min No description
07/10/2016 Breathing_Inner_Mental_Attitude_MF_20min No description
07/10/2016 Breathing_Inner_Mental_Attitude_MF_10min No description
07/10/2016 Enjoy_the_Pleasant_Breath_MF_45min No description