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Oakland County Literacy Podcast

Hear the exciting things happening in literacy primarily in Oakland County, Michigan. Hear from educators, authors, students as well as about great literacy projects.

info_outline #20 Berkley Educators reflect on Teachers' College Institute 03/23/2017
info_outline #19 Cultures of Thinking with Ron Ritchhart 03/01/2017
info_outline #18 A Conversation with Dr. Cook Robinson - Superintendent of Oakland Schools 02/24/2017
info_outline #17 Formative Assessment and Teacher Development - A Conversation with Dylan Wiliam 12/07/2016
info_outline #16 Heidi Kattula - Executive Director of District and School Services at Oakland Schools 11/29/2016
info_outline #15: Student Data, Mining of this Data, and Implications 05/07/2015
info_outline #14: A Look at Student Data Mining from Two Perspectives 03/06/2015
info_outline # 13 Data Mining and Students - a conversation with Chris Gilliard and Hugh Culik. 02/19/2015
info_outline #12: Dr. James Popham - Formative Assessment in Action 01/12/2015
info_outline #11: Will Richardson, a conversation about social media, technology, and learning. 10/20/2014
info_outline #10: Year 11 Students Reflect on their Learning 10/06/2014
info_outline #9: Dr. Douglas Fisher on Formative Assessment 09/18/2014
info_outline #8: A conversation about Universal Design for Learning with Bryan Dean 09/01/2014
info_outline # 7: Reflections and implications of John Hattie's Visible Learning Institute at Oakland Schools. 08/19/2014
info_outline #6: Vince Gigliotti: Implementing the Workshop in the Middle School 08/18/2014
info_outline #5 Writing Portfolios with Richard Koch 07/25/2014
info_outline #4: Embodied Brains, Social Minds 04/23/2014
info_outline #3: An introduction to Formative Assessment with Margaret Heritage 03/17/2014
info_outline # 2: Reflections on the Writing Workshop 03/07/2014
info_outline # 1: A Conversation with Dr.Yocum, Director of Learning Services Oakland Schools 03/07/2014