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Positive Philter Podcast

Positive Philter is a podcast about how to infuse positive thinking into everyday life. Topics range from interpersonal relationships, goal setting, positive self-talk, and spreading positivity. The creator of the podcast is Philip Wilkerson who also created the #illphilawards. The goal is to use social media and technology as a means to spread a message of hope and to influence the world for change one person at a time.

info_outline A Career in Music (pt. 1) 01/14/2019
info_outline Black Boy Joy (pt. 1) 01/07/2019
info_outline Brother of the Year 12/31/2018
info_outline Person of Significance 12/24/2018
info_outline Bodybuilding 12/17/2018
info_outline Who Runs The World...Girls! 12/10/2018
info_outline #MyWellBeingIs 12/03/2018
info_outline College Days Swiftly Pass 11/26/2018
info_outline Special Thanksgiving Episode 2018 11/23/2018
info_outline Youth Mental Health ​ 11/19/2018
info_outline Alphaversary 11/12/2018
info_outline Mentorship 11/05/2018
info_outline A Voteless People is a Hopeless People 10/29/2018
info_outline D1 for Life ​ 10/22/2018
info_outline Vulnerability 10/15/2018
info_outline Education 10/08/2018
info_outline Motivating Other 10/01/2018
info_outline Bonus Throwback: Explanation of the #illphilawards 09/30/2018
info_outline Mr. Hollywood 09/30/2018
info_outline International Travel 09/18/2018
info_outline Lessons from GMU Counseling Program 08/31/2018
info_outline Happiness Assessment 08/13/2018
info_outline Small Business 08/03/2018
info_outline Shoe Drive Charity 07/28/2018
info_outline Love Without Borders 07/09/2018
info_outline Creative Family 07/06/2018
info_outline Married with Children 06/19/2018
info_outline Mental Health 05/07/2018
info_outline Time (Mini-Episode) 04/02/2018
info_outline Positively Unphiltered 03/04/2018