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I help women in care-giving roles to put themselves first & eradicate feelings of selfishness by reclaiming your personal power. I would like to ask you a few questions, it will take no more than 19 seconds: Do you feel guilty when you buy yourself a cup of coffee? Do you feel guilty making that hair cut appointment? Do you feel guilty spending money on a massage? Do you feel that it’s selfish to pamper yourself and get your nails done? Do you feel that your personal battery is at 1% ALL the time? Do you feel that you have put yourself on the back-burner? If you answered YES to ANY of the questions above, then WELCOME I have been waiting JUST FOR YOU! I am a natural giver, someone who gives, gives and gives some more. I am always there for my family. I am always there for my friends. I grid at work. I pick up shifts at work. I work two jobs. I get up while it’s still dark out to start my day. I fall asleep on the couch, before making it to bed. I have to be at all the parties I am invited to. I go to all the weddings that I get an invite for. I don’t miss a night out. I go to all the dinners I am invited to. I never say, ‘No,’ to anything. I am at all the sporting events. I am at the dance performances. I run on 3 hours of sleep a night. I only keep going because there is caffeine in the world. I binge eat sweets to give me the sugar high to keep me going. I am a full-time student and work full-time. I think that I am balancing everything efficiently. I feel guilty for just sitting there and relaxing. I feel selfish if I get my nails done, hair cut or get a massage. I feel bad spending money on myself. It’s not right if I let myself sleep-in. That right there was me for almost 30 years! Four years ago I had my ‘AH-HA!’ moment. I realized that I wasn’t putting myself first because I always felt selfish about it. I realized that you cannot give from an empty cup; that you need to fill your cup before you can give to others. I realized that it isn’t selfish to put yourself first. I realized what made me feel guilty. I REALIZED THAT IT WAS TIME TO RECLAIM MY POWER AND PUT MYSELF FIRST! ARE YOU READY TO put YOURSELF first & eradicate the feelings of selfishness by RECLAIMING YOUR PERSONAL POWER?!

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