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The State of Logic

The State of Logic Podcast interviews interesting people from innovators to experts to explore the logic behind their opinions & ideas to inspire curiosity in order to understand the world a little better. Hosted by businessman & investor, Kevin Van Eekeren, he and his guests touch on topics from current events to business trends to random thoughts about life.


Type Released Title Description
06/18/2018 @jegan_mones, elderly pugs, pheromones and so much more! No description
06/11/2018 Positivity on Twitter @springbreak2005 No description
06/04/2018 Positivity on Twitter @trepic_ No description
06/01/2018 The morality of being vegetarian! No description
05/28/2018 Positivity on Twitter @wis10 No description
05/25/2018 Racism is evil so why do colleges need to know your race when you... No description
05/23/2018 Munk Debate, Jordan Peterson, Stephen Fry No description
05/21/2018 Positivity on Twitter @SophiaTassew No description
05/16/2018 The JFK assassination, aliens abduction, lizard people and so muc... No description
05/14/2018 Tolerance, the Progressive Left and why they don't mix! No description
05/11/2018 When does the hypocrisy become too much? No description
05/09/2018 Talk of Shame is back and better than ever!!! No description
05/07/2018 We must have the courage to speak! No description
05/04/2018 Why not sue the police? Oh here is why... No description
05/03/2018 The slow and sinister destruction of law enforcement! No description
05/02/2018 The Gun Debate, I actually debate anti-gunners! No description
05/01/2018 What is most important? No description
04/30/2018 The story of Alfie Evans, the UK and a total lost of freedom! No description
04/27/2018 Kanye West comes out as a conservative! No description
04/26/2018 The Booze Before Noon guys are back, warning explicit content! No description
04/25/2018 Police responsibility and the interrogation of Kyle Kushuv No description
04/24/2018 What do most mass shootings have in common? No description
04/23/2018 Nice, Empathetic, Intelligent, what is a good compliment? No description
04/23/2018 Nice, Empathetic, Intelligent, what is a good compliment? No description
04/22/2018 The root cause of violence, what is it? No description
04/21/2018 The number 1 way to succeed! No description
04/20/2018 BREAKING NEWS: 2 Sheriff's Deputies were assassinated in Florida! No description
04/20/2018 Illinois bill replaces armed guards with therapists! No description
04/19/2018 Is this the most serious threat to the first amendment we've ever... No description
04/18/2018 Starbucks and the outrage machine at it again! No description