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Stories From Skid Row

"Stories From Skid Row" gives listeners an opportunity to hear first-hand testimonies from those who are experiencing homelessness, as well as staff and friends of Union Rescue Mission. These episodes provide a glimpse into the issues surrounding homelessness and the work being done to combat this serious problem in Los Angeles.


Type Released Title Description
10/18/2018 Bonus Feature: Rev. Andy Bales/ KABC 790 Rev. Andy Bales speaks on homelessness crisis on McIntyre in the ...
10/15/2018 Ep. 210 URM Live 07-02-18 No description
10/08/2018 Ep. 209 Yoana Alcaraz / Part 2 Yoana shares her URM story. 
10/01/2018 Ep. 208 Yoana Alcaraz / Part 1 Yoana shares her URM story. 
09/24/2018 Ep. 207 Fonda Whitehead / Major Donor Representative Fonda shares her URM experience. 
09/17/2018 Ep. 206 Stephanie Kimborugh Stephanie shares her URM story. 
09/10/2018 Ep. 205 URM Live 06-25-18 No description
09/03/2018 Ep. 204 Juan Carlos Juan Carlos shares his URM story.
08/27/2018 Ep. 203 Richard Newcomb / Board Member Richard shares his URM role. 
08/20/2018 Ep. 202 Amanda Alcala Amanda shares her URM story. 
08/13/2018 Ep. 201 Robert Rush / Chaplain Robert shares about his role at URM.
08/06/2018 Ep. 200 Angela Johnson Angela shares her URM story.
07/30/2018 Ep. 199 URM Live 06-18-18 No description
07/23/2018 Ep. 198 Kenneth Deshazer Kenneth shares his URM story.
07/16/2018 Ep. 197 Bianca Delgado / Marketing Manager Bianca shares her URM role, how donations impact the mission and ...
07/09/2018 Ep. 196 Jazzmine Moreno Jazzmine shares her URM story.
07/02/2018 Ep. 195 Angela Basset Angela shares her motive for agreeing to host Hearts for Hope and...
06/25/2018 Ep. 194 Teresa Thomas Teresa shares her URM story.
03/19/2018 Ep. 193 Catie Bouchard Catie shares her URM story.
03/12/2018 Ep. 192 Diane Schultz Diane shares her URM story.
03/05/2018 Ep. 191 Shawn Leighton Shawn shares his URM story.
02/26/2018 Ep. 190 Aubree Passehl Aubree shares URM story.
02/19/2018 Ep. 189 Ramon Murillo Ramon shares his story.
02/12/2018 Ep. 188 Renita Renita shares her URM story.
02/05/2018 Ep. 187 Daisy Moreno Daisy shares her URM story.
01/29/2018 Ep. 186 Wil Harper Wil shares his URM story.
01/22/2018 Ep. 185 Nicole McKiernan Nicole shares her URM story.
01/08/2018 Ep. 184 Jamonte Jamonte shares his URM story.
01/03/2018 Ep. 183 Dr. Phelencia Dr. Phelencia shares her URM story.
12/26/2017 Ep. 182 Craig Craig shares his URM story.