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PMR #268: Toxin-Free Skincare, Healthy Eating, and Frog Venom—with Alitura Naturals Founder Andy Hnilo

Paleo Magazine Radio

Release Date: 06/04/2019

PMR #287: Chinese medicine, collagen, and chocolate Talking balanced health with Further Food show art PMR #287: Chinese medicine, collagen, and chocolate Talking balanced health with Further Food

Paleo Magazine Radio

Today we are thrilled to invite Lillian Zhao on to the show who speaks about her women-run health foods platform, Further Food. Lillian begins by sharing the story behind her company’s genesis, which began with the sickness of some close friends. In wanting to help her friends, Lillian realized that there is very little information out there about how to prevent and cure an illness that isn’t based on Western medical principles. What began as a community content platform based on Lillian’s ‘food is medicine’ background, turned into the wonder that Further Food is today. What makes...

PMR #286: Ashleigh goes on a wellness retreat in Montana with Bee the Wellness show art PMR #286: Ashleigh goes on a wellness retreat in Montana with Bee the Wellness

Paleo Magazine Radio

Today we are doing things a little differently for the podcast, this episode was recorded live on location in Montana, where Ashleigh was taking part in the Bee the Wellness retreat! The interview consists of our host speaking to Vanessa and Adam, the minds and bodies behind the business and the conversation reflects on the experience thus far and thoughts on the venture going forward. We talk a bit about the inspiration behind picking this particular location, the planning that goes into the retreats and how Vanessa and Adam try to allow the space for magic to happen during the time! They...

PMR #285: Sugars, fibers, and net carbs: demystifying product labels with Yemeni Mesa show art PMR #285: Sugars, fibers, and net carbs: demystifying product labels with Yemeni Mesa

Paleo Magazine Radio

For today's episode, we are so happy to welcome back Yemeni Mesa! For those unfamiliar, Yemeni has spent many years and most of his life in the health, fitness and nutrition world and since his career in competitive bodybuilding in the 1990s has started and worked on several notable and influencing paleo food brands. He also has a new company called Heka Good Foods, dedicated to creating delicious keto snacks and bars with all the ingredients you really want! In our conversation today, we are focussing Yemeni's expertise around ingredients, particularly those confusing lists you find on...

PMR #284: Enjoying life (and desserts) on an AIP Diet, with the Paleo Angel show art PMR #284: Enjoying life (and desserts) on an AIP Diet, with the Paleo Angel

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On today’s episode, we are joined by Amy Ma, also known as the Paleo Angel, to talk about her company and what it’s like being an entrepreneur. Amy is the creator of the Paleo Power Ball, a delicious treat, which not only satisfies your sweet tooth but is also a source of nourishing, powerful ingredients. Along with being paleo, Power Balls are also AIP friendly, since Amy suffers from several autoimmune disorders herself. Like many entrepreneurs in the health food space, Amy found herself burnt out with deteriorating health before finding paleo, which turned out to be life-changing for...

PMR #283: Honey is healthy: why it belongs in an ancestral diet, by Chris Kresser show art PMR #283: Honey is healthy: why it belongs in an ancestral diet, by Chris Kresser

Paleo Magazine Radio

In this quick show today we are going over Chris Kresser's recent article for Paleo Magazine about the health benefits of raw, natural honey! Sometimes lumped together with other sugars and sweet substances, Chris, believes that this is an undue reputation and that research shows that honey is a great component of a vital, ancestral diet. The article covers some of this research and compares it with its sweet counterparts before going through the five main benefits that can be accrued through its consumption. CLICK HERE FOR FULL TRANSCRIPT Remember to visit our great sponsors, Paleo Powder...

PMR #282: There's more to oral health than clean teeth: Chatting with holistic dentist Dr. Ron Ehrlich show art PMR #282: There's more to oral health than clean teeth: Chatting with holistic dentist Dr. Ron Ehrlich

Paleo Magazine Radio

On today's show, we are joined by the wonderful, knowledgable and charming Dr. Ron Ehrlich from the Sydney Holistic Dental Center. Dr. Ron is here to share some of his experience and wisdom around better oral care and how it fits into a more holistic and ancestral approach to health. Our guest has recently published a book titled A Life Less Stressed: The Five Pillars of Health and Wellness, as a means to share the lessons he has learned in the many decades of work in holistic dentistry. In our conversation, we cover some of this experience and background before diving into dentistry...

PMR #281: Why PMR #281: Why "cavewomen" don't get fat - looking to ancestral health for modern answers with Esther Blum

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On today’s episode, I get to have an in-depth conversation with the renowned integrative dietitian and high-performance coach, Esther Blum. Esther has helped thousands of women lose fat, eliminate the need for medication, reverse chronic illness and improve their relationship with food and their bodies, empowering them to enjoy sustained health and happiness. She also wrote a book called Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat, which listeners will get to hear more about as we talk through her holistic approach to wellness and her belief in “adding in” rather than a “taking away” when it comes...

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On the show today we are very glad to welcome Simon Cheng the founder of Pique Tea! Simon gives us great insight into the oldest of beverages, its history, health benefits, and pervasive culture and traditions. We start off the episode with Simon's own story and how he came to find the amazing health benefits of tea through his own struggles and reoccurring issues. He tells us of the terrible ordeal he endured after a badly proposed and executed lung operation and how this led to serious changes in practice around his wellbeing. From there we chat about the essential parts of making delicious...

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You can never really have too much inspiration or too many hot tips about setting smart goals. When it comes to goal-setting, you really want to make sure that you set the right goals in the first place. Not just things that others are doing that look trendy, or goals that others are telling you that you should do. That’s where today’s episode comes in! On the show today we are going to read the article, Setting Smart Goals for Health. This one is from the August/September issue of Paleo Magazine by functional medicine practitioner and best-selling author of Unconventional Medicine and The...

PMR #278: Are you Hangry? Sarah Fragoso can help show art PMR #278: Are you Hangry? Sarah Fragoso can help

Paleo Magazine Radio

On today’s podcast, we have an amazing guest with us, one whom I can hardly believe hasn’t been on before! She is Sarah Fragoso: author, coach and the brilliant mind behind the Everyday Paleo book series. Sarah has been an influential person in the paleo and health and wellness scene for a long time and she’s just co-authored a new book, Hangry, that outlines five practices to balance your hormones and improve the overall quality of your life, including aspects such as self-care, mindfulness, and self

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Andy Hnilo is a great friend of ours. He has an amazing and awe-inspiring story, which we fully unpacked the first time he was on the podcast, in episode 177. This week, we’re getting some updates from Andy on what he’s been up to, some of his most recent health experiments, and how things are going with his booming skin care company. We talk about the value of adversity and struggle and how these experiences can enrich and broaden our enjoyment of life. Andy takes us, in detail, through his recent use of frog venom to shock and purge the body, something he now swears by. He also talks fasting, supplements, workouts, and how his practices keep evolving. Alitura Naturals are offering free shipping and 20% off purchases from their website—just go to AlituraNaturals.com and use the code “paleoradio”!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The elevator speech of Andy's history, his accident, and what he does. 
  • The positive legacy of Andy's accident and the longterm health effects.  
  • Peaks and valleys; sweetening the highs with adversity. 
  • Andy's recent health practices using frog venom. 
  • How soaking up toxins can help your body and improve your mental health. 
  • Some basic rules and safety tips for kambo usage. 
  • Why do some people seek out harsh, purging experiences?
  • Andy's intermittent fasting practices and how they help him.
  • Mineral and vitamin supplementation and Andy's daily regimen.
  • Andy's daily workout, fitness, and sauna practices.
  • A few updates on Alitura Naturals and some of their current most popular products. 
  • Healthy, preservative-free products that are good for all of our skin. 
  • The shelf life and hygienic usage of Alitura's products.  
  • And much more! 


“I was told that I would never work again, and I came back and I worked a lot more than I ever did before the accident.” — @andyhnilo [0:09:50.4]

“If you get too comfortable and too complacent with your situation, I mean, it’s time to shake things up and challenge yourself.” — @andyhnilo [0:14:57.3]

“I would never just bring products out just to have them on the roster. They have to be special creation by me.” — @andyhnilo [1:03:31.9]

Links Mentioned in This Episode: 

Thrive Probiotic — https://thriveprobiotic.com

Alitura Naturals — https://alituranaturals.com/

Gold Serum — https://alituranaturals.com/product/alitura-gold-serum/

Santal Black — https://alituranaturals.com/product/alitura-santal-black/

Andy Hnilo — https://twitter.com/andyhnilo

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This episode is sponsored by Just Thrive Probiotics—real probiotics that do what they say they do! Visit ThriveProbiotic.com and use the code "paleomag15" at checkout for a 15% discount.

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