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PMR #269: Paleo 101

Paleo Magazine Radio

Release Date: 06/13/2019

PMR #282: There's more to oral health than clean teeth: Chatting with holistic dentist Dr. Ron Ehrlich show art PMR #282: There's more to oral health than clean teeth: Chatting with holistic dentist Dr. Ron Ehrlich

Paleo Magazine Radio

On today's show, we are joined by the wonderful, knowledgable and charming Dr. Ron Ehrlich from the Sydney Holistic Dental Center. Dr. Ron is here to share some of his experience and wisdom around better oral care and how it fits into a more holistic and ancestral approach to health. Our guest has recently published a book titled A Life Less Stressed: The Five Pillars of Health and Wellness, as a means to share the lessons he has learned in the many decades of work in holistic dentistry. In our conversation, we cover some of this experience and background before diving into dentistry...

PMR #281: Why PMR #281: Why "cavewomen" don't get fat - looking to ancestral health for modern answers with Esther Blum

Paleo Magazine Radio

On today’s episode, I get to have an in-depth conversation with the renowned integrative dietitian and high-performance coach, Esther Blum. Esther has helped thousands of women lose fat, eliminate the need for medication, reverse chronic illness and improve their relationship with food and their bodies, empowering them to enjoy sustained health and happiness. She also wrote a book called Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat, which listeners will get to hear more about as we talk through her holistic approach to wellness and her belief in “adding in” rather than a “taking away” when it comes...

PMR #280: Everything you need to know about the world's oldest beverage: Learning about Tea with Simon Cheng show art PMR #280: Everything you need to know about the world's oldest beverage: Learning about Tea with Simon Cheng

Paleo Magazine Radio

On the show today we are very glad to welcome Simon Cheng the founder of Pique Tea! Simon gives us great insight into the oldest of beverages, its history, health benefits, and pervasive culture and traditions. We start off the episode with Simon's own story and how he came to find the amazing health benefits of tea through his own struggles and reoccurring issues. He tells us of the terrible ordeal he endured after a badly proposed and executed lung operation and how this led to serious changes in practice around his wellbeing. From there we chat about the essential parts of making delicious...

PMR #279: Setting Smart Goals for Health, with Chris Kresser show art PMR #279: Setting Smart Goals for Health, with Chris Kresser

Paleo Magazine Radio

You can never really have too much inspiration or too many hot tips about setting smart goals. When it comes to goal-setting, you really want to make sure that you set the right goals in the first place. Not just things that others are doing that look trendy, or goals that others are telling you that you should do. That’s where today’s episode comes in! On the show today we are going to read the article, Setting Smart Goals for Health. This one is from the August/September issue of Paleo Magazine by functional medicine practitioner and best-selling author of Unconventional Medicine and The...

PMR #278: Are you Hangry? Sarah Fragoso can help show art PMR #278: Are you Hangry? Sarah Fragoso can help

Paleo Magazine Radio

On today’s podcast, we have an amazing guest with us, one whom I can hardly believe hasn’t been on before! She is Sarah Fragoso: author, coach and the brilliant mind behind the Everyday Paleo book series. Sarah has been an influential person in the paleo and health and wellness scene for a long time and she’s just co-authored a new book, Hangry, that outlines five practices to balance your hormones and improve the overall quality of your life, including aspects such as self-care, mindfulness, and self

PMR #277: Choosing the Best Olive Oil show art PMR #277: Choosing the Best Olive Oil

Paleo Magazine Radio

In this short and sweet episode, we are exploring the idea of selecting the best olive oil, the episode is based on an article from Paleo Magazine and appeared recently in the print edition. We look at the health benefits, both common and lesser-known and give a few comparisons between different types of oils and fats. The studies show how much more healthy extra virgin olive oil is than other cooking or edible oils and we explain exactly why. The article covers cooking, the effects of heat, storage and ways to spot the good stuff when you are purchasing! CLICK HERE FOR FULL TRANSCRIPT Don't...

PMR #276: Is a Carnivore Diet the Cure for What's Ailing You? A Discussion with Dr. Paul Saladino show art PMR #276: Is a Carnivore Diet the Cure for What's Ailing You? A Discussion with Dr. Paul Saladino

Paleo Magazine Radio

Today on Paleo Magazine Radio we are very happy to welcome Dr. Paul Saladino! Dr. Saladino is a confirmed and staunch carnivore subscriber and advocate, believing after much experimentation and self-discovery that a meat-based diet is the most healthy way for humans to eat. Paul has his own show called the Functional Health Podcast and is currently writing a book called The Carnivore Code about his ideas on nutrition. We start off our discussion with his earlier years, traveling, searching and finding ways to live that were more healthy and fulfilling. We discuss this year's KetoCon, where we...

PMR #275: The Future of Competitive Fitness with Ian Berger show art PMR #275: The Future of Competitive Fitness with Ian Berger

Paleo Magazine Radio

In this show we're joined by Ian Berger, the president and cofounder of Altrufuel! He is here to tell us all about his life in health and exercise, how he started a CrossFit gym in New York at the age of 18, and where he sees the future of competitive fitness going. Ian opens up about the strong women in his life, and we talk a lot about CrossFit, the role it has played in his life, and how it aligned with his values and goals. The conversation then turns to the CrossFit Games, Ian's experiences taking part and what competitive fitness means to him. Lastly we hear about his company, Altrufuel...

PMR #274: Mark Sisson's 11 Lessons for Aging Well show art PMR #274: Mark Sisson's 11 Lessons for Aging Well

Paleo Magazine Radio

This episode is dedicated to Mark Sisson's recent article in the June/July 2019 issue of Paleo Magazine titled "11 Lessons I’ve Learned About Aging Well." We're going to take a deeper look through the article and all the great wisdom that Mark shares across these 11 steps, including sleep, relationships, diet and more. Whether you get this info here on the podcast or just go straight to the source and read it in the magazine, make sure you hear what one of the greats has to say about something we all, hopefully, have to do: get older. Mark's practical attitude and learned...

PMR #273: Keto 101 show art PMR #273: Keto 101

Paleo Magazine Radio

This quick episode is focused on the Keto 101 feature we recently ran for an issue of Paleo Magazine, and it's aimed at giving you the basic, foundational information on the ketogenic diet that you might be missing in Instagram posts and casual conversations. We break down the key concepts and the terms that you need to understand; we look at the history of the keto diet and place it in the broader discussion on fasting; we give you a brief overview of the foods that fit in with the plan and talk about what happens in the body when it enters into ketosis. The article also considers why it may...

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Today we're going to give you a quick rundown and reminder of the basics of the Paleo diet and lifestyle. This might be helpful for understanding the foundation for anyone new to the Paleo way, explaining to other people more clearly or reminding yourself of any of the parts you may have glossed over for a while. You can also find our Paleo 101 article on our website, so you can refer back to it at any time if you need to after the show. In this episode, Ashleigh runs through the most basic of definitions, what is allowed and what is not, personal adjustments and tastes and how much the Paleo lifestyle can help you. She talks, sleep, the sun, vitamins, exercise, emotions, technology and more, so make sure not to miss this quick episode! Also, don't forget to check out our show sponsor, ShopAIP for all of you AIP dietary needs and beyond. Shop AIP is offering a 10% discount when you use the code PALEOMAG at checkout! 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • A brief and basic definition of the Paleo diet.   
  • Eliminating the harmful new foods available at supermarkets. 
  • What to eat and what not to eat. 
  • How to add to the diet as you go, according to your needs and tastes.
  • Health and social benefits of the diet and lifestyle.
  • The smart exercise component of the Paleo approach.
  • Sleep, vitamins, hormones and a rounded way of life.
  • Community, face to face interactions, relationships and the importance of connection.   
  • Using technology and the modern world to your advantage and with boundaries. 
  • Stress management and your own way of staying happy and healthy.
  • The three basic components of a healthy life according to Paleo. 
  • And much more!


“I thought it might be nice to take it back to basics for just a brief introduction, or a reintroduction to what the concept means for listeners and for people who are maybe new to Paleo.” — @paleomagazine [0:01:19.4]

“The paleo diet recommends whole, nutrient-dense foods and is at its most basic an elimination diet.” — @paleomagazine [0:04:30.6]

Links Mentioned in This Episode: 

Paleo Magazine — https://paleomagazine.com/

Paleo 101 Article — https://paleomagazine.com/paleo-diet-101/

Episode 261 with Sandra Dorst — https://paleomagazine.com/pmr-261-overcoming-autoimmune-disease-with-shop-aip-founder-sandra-dorst/


This episode is sponsored by ShopAIP. Shop AIP is offering a 10% discount when you use the code PALEOMAG at checkout


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