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#36: Khailee Ng — Conversation about Necker Island, Marriage and the Gig Economy

Misfits: Wisdoms with unconventional Singaporean

Release Date: 06/24/2019

Khailee Ng is a managing partner of 500 Startups, a venture capital firm. He has led more than 180 startup investments, with a few “unicorn” successes such as Grab and Bukalapa.

Khailee has previously founded Groupsmore which got acquired by Groupon and Says.com, which got subsequently acquired by Media Prima, Malaysia’s largest online media company.

BUT, even if you have zero interest in startups, this episode is well worth the time. This is really about the habits and beliefs of a successful (and fun) person.

Enjoy this conversation with a curious character!

In this conversation, we spoke about:

  • Lesson learnt at Richard’s Branson Necker Island
  • How does Khailee study and prepare for marriage
  • Principal to a kick-ass pitch