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Episode 47: Dr. Robert Schwebel: "Leap of Power"

The Social Exchange

Release Date: 11/05/2019

Episode 82: Sarah Ward | Executive Functioning Skills Skills for You and Your Children show art Episode 82: Sarah Ward | Executive Functioning Skills Skills for You and Your Children

The Social Exchange

Welcome to episode 82! I t's been a while (sorry!) Today I spoke with Sarah Ward M.S., CCC/SLP and Co-Director of Cognitive Connections, LLP. We discussed strategies that she has developed-- for both children and adults-- to sharpen their executive functioning skills to enhance learning and life. Examples of the skills that Sarah works with people to enhance: planning and organization  concentrating and managing mental focus  analyzing and processing information  managing emotions and behavior   remembering details managing time  multitasking solving problems ...

Episode 81: David McRaney: How Minds Change show art Episode 81: David McRaney: How Minds Change

The Social Exchange

Welcome to episode 81! Today I spoke with journalist, podcaster, and author David McRaney about his new book, "How Minds Change". We discussed his interviews with and research on cult members, conspiracy theorists, and political activists, from Westboro Baptist Church picketers to LGBTQ campaigners in California – that ultimately challenges us to question our own motives and beliefs. In an age of dangerous conspiratorial thinking, can we rise to the occasion? Let’s get into it. Please enjoy this interview with David McRaney.

Episode 80: Hacking School Discipline (with Nathan Maynard) show art Episode 80: Hacking School Discipline (with Nathan Maynard)

The Social Exchange

Nathan Maynard is a student voice advocate and author of The Washington Post best-selling book, "Hacking School Discipline" about proactive and restorative practice (as opposed to reactive and punitive) in schools. Nathan previously worked as an administrator at Purdue Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis, as the Dean of Culture. He also is the Co-Founder of BehaviorFlip, a restorative behavior management system that helps build a culture of empathy and responsibility. Today, Zach Rhoads speaks with Nathan to discuss restorative practice versus punishment in schools. They discuss: 0:00...

Ep. 79 | Dr. Mark Goulston: How to Use SURGICAL EMPATHY show art Ep. 79 | Dr. Mark Goulston: How to Use SURGICAL EMPATHY

The Social Exchange

In this episode, Dr. Mark Goulston explains the best way to get through to absolutely ANYONE, in a way that enables them to open up about their deepest concerns. Mark Goulston is a Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches executive coach and author or co-author of nine books with his book, “Just Listen,” being translated into 28 languages and becoming the top book on listening in the world. He hosts the highly ranked podcast, My Wakeup Call, where he conversationally interviews people including Larry King, Jordan Peterson, Ken Blanchard, Esther Wojcicki and Marshall Goldsmith about their purpose and...

BONUS EPISODE: My Testimony Before Oklahoma Congressional Committee  show art BONUS EPISODE: My Testimony Before Oklahoma Congressional Committee

The Social Exchange

I presented an expert testimony in an Oklahoma legislative meeting.    The session was held due to opposition of new statewide opioid prescribing limitations.    You can see the full hearing here   - - - - - - - - - -    ***SUPPORT THE SOCIAL EXCHANGE*** Donate to PayPal:  Contribute to Patreon:  Use our Audible Link for a free audio book:  *****RATE / REVIEW The Social Exchange

Episode 78: Dr. Stanton Peele - How Addiction Psychology Was Transformed Forever show art Episode 78: Dr. Stanton Peele - How Addiction Psychology Was Transformed Forever

The Social Exchange

In this interview, Stanton Peele discusses his memoir, "A Scientific Life on the Edge: My Lonely Quest to Change How We See Addiction." More importantly, Peele recounts his life story, both in this interview and in his memoir. Beginning with his General Theory of Addiction that he put forth in his 1975 book "Love and Addiction", followed by a discussion of his career as an outsider in mainstream addiction psychology -- an outsider whose knowledge, views, and contributions can never be ignored.  He goes on to explain how he managed to maintain an influential career in psychology and remain...

Episode 77: There is no Episode 77: There is no "Opioid Crisis" -- Shaun Shelly (part II)

The Social Exchange

Today's guest is Shaun Shelly -- back for a second conversation. We discuss the so-called "Opioid Crisis", why that concept needs to be re-framed, and how we can go about doing so. **More about Shaun: Shaun is dedicated to the understanding of drug use, the rights of people who use drugs, and effective drug policy. He is the Policy, Advocacy and Human Rights Manager for TB/HIV Care in South Africa. Shaun has developed the annual SA Drug Policy Week, he sits on the Department of Health and Central Drug Authority advisory groups, and he holds affiliations at the Universities of Cape Town and...

BONUS | BONUS | "Undoing Drugs" with Maia Szalavitz (author of "Unbroken Brain")

The Social Exchange

Zach Rhoads speaks with Maia Szalavitz about her new book, "Undoing Drugs", which traces the history of Harm Reduction from the movement's genesis to the way it affects mainstream thoughts, beliefs, policies, and behavior.

Episode 76: Dr. Erec Smith on Diversity, Anti-Racism, Critical Race Theory, and EMPOWERMENT show art Episode 76: Dr. Erec Smith on Diversity, Anti-Racism, Critical Race Theory, and EMPOWERMENT

The Social Exchange

Dr. Erec Smith is a professor of rhetoric and composition at York College and former Chair of the York YWCA Racial and Social Justice Committee. Today, he and I talk about racism in America, and what he believes are the best ways to make this country a fair, diverse, and thriving one. Smith appreciates much of the sentiment behind Critical Race Theory (CRT) and anti-racism curriculum, but believes these movements (and their rhetoric)-- as they have been mainstreamed-- are headed in the wrong direction. He offers a new idea about how we might make progress, which he calls the Empowerment Model....

BONUS EPISODE: The Horror of Reform Schools -- Todd Nilssen's BONUS EPISODE: The Horror of Reform Schools -- Todd Nilssen's "The Last Stop" Documentary

The Social Exchange

Todd is a documentary film maker and his most recent film, "The Last Stop" is today's conversation topic. The Last Stop is a film about the Élan School, which was a controversial school / treatment facility for so-called juvenile delinquents which existed in the deep woods of Maine. That’s ExisTED, past-tense, because the Élan school was closed down in 2011 due to allegations of abuse which dated back to its opening in 1970. (This is a rebroadcast from an episode I recorded in 2019)

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Welcome to episode 47! 

Today Zach Rhoads speaks with Dr. Robert Schwebel about his latest book, Leap of Power (available now). 

Robert Schwebel is a clinical psychologist who developed The Seven Challenges Program: holistic life counseling for people with alcohol and other drug problems. This program is widely used for adolescents across the United States in hundreds of organizations (Learn more about the adolescent program from his book, "The Seven Challenges.")

More recently, Dr. Schwebel has established a version of his program for adults which he describes in his latest book, Leap of Power: Take Control of Alcohol, Drugs, and Your Life-- and which is the theme of today's discussion.

Dr. Schwebel tells Zach about the story of his career, his basis for creating the Seven Challenges Program, and he explains the differences between the adolescent and adult versions of his program.

Zach and Robert also take questions from listeners. 

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Follow Dr. Schwebel on social media: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SevenChallengesProgram/

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/robertschwebel

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robert.schwebel.phd/

Contact Robert using the following email: [email protected] 

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