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What a Creep: Jian Ghomeshi (Season 3, Episode 5)

What a Creep

Release Date: 11/08/2019

What a Creep: Marlon Brando (Method Acting Creep) show art What a Creep: Marlon Brando (Method Acting Creep)

What a Creep

Marlon Brando is one of the most celebrated actors of all time. His performances as Vito Corleone, Stanley Kowalski, and Terry Malloy earned him multiple awards.

What a Creep: Amy Kremer (Tea Party Creep) & Amazing NZ Non-Creep! show art What a Creep: Amy Kremer (Tea Party Creep) & Amazing NZ Non-Creep!

What a Creep

Let’s talk about Amy Kremer. You may not have heard her name, but she’s been a big part of how we got where we are. She’s a political activist who co-founded the modern Tea Party movement, and the organizations Women for Trump and Women for America First. Then we talk about the PM for NZ who is NOT a Creep!

What a Creep: Elvis Aaron Presley (Rock Creep) show art What a Creep: Elvis Aaron Presley (Rock Creep)

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Elvis Aaron Presley is one of the biggest rock stars of all time and is known as “The King of Rock & Roll.” Beginning with his meteoric rise in the mid-1950s to his sad decline in the 1970s, He was also a major Creep when it came to women with much of his time focused on girls as young as 14. Margo & Sonia then talk about a rocker who is NOT a creep!

What a Creep: What a Creep: "Comedy Creeps" (Russell Brand, Chris Hardwick, Chris D'Elia & Victoria Jackson)

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Hosts Margo Donohue and Sonia Mansfield host an open mic night of comedy creeps to kick off Season 8, including Russell Brand, Chris Hardwick, Chris D’Elia, and Victoria Jackson. Don’t worry, they end the episode with some comedians who are not creeps.

What a Creep: Lance Armstrong (Our most downloaded episode so far!) show art What a Creep: Lance Armstrong (Our most downloaded episode so far!)

What a Creep

We decided to replay our top downloaded episode--Lance Armstrong and his creepy ways. This also gives us the opportunity to thank all of you who have been with us on this podcast journey. You are the best fans ever! Next week we begin our 8th season talking about a roundup of “Comedy Creeps” and it is going to be off the chain! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode! 

What a Creep: Gwyneth Paltrow & GOOP show art What a Creep: Gwyneth Paltrow & GOOP

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Gwyneth Paltrow & GOOP are one of the biggest proponents of woo and iffy science which sends actual scientists and doctors into a dizzy. She laughs all the way to the bank while trolling like an expert along the way. Love her or loathe her—she provokes a reaction from people. 

What a Creep: John Kricfalusi (John K.) What a Creep: John Kricfalusi (John K.) "Ren & Stimpy"

What a Creep

John Kricfalusi, also known as John K., was the creator of “Ren & Stimpy.” From 1989 to 1992, he was heavily involved with the first two seasons of the show, including doing the voice of Ren and other characters. He’s also a total creep who was an asshole to work with and preyed on underage girls. 

What a Creep: Evel Knievel (Daredevil Creep) show art What a Creep: Evel Knievel (Daredevil Creep)

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Evel Knievel is a true American-made superstar who is considered the father of extreme sports

What a Creep: Jon Voight (Actor Creep) show art What a Creep: Jon Voight (Actor Creep)

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Jon Voight used to be an exciting actor. He took interesting parts from MIDNIGHT COWBOY to DELIVERANCE. He won an Academy Award for playing a paraplegic Vietnam vet in COMING HOME in 1978. But now he’s probably more famous for being a shitty dad to Angelina Jolie, playing an asshole dad on RAY DONOVAN, and acting like everyone’s ignorant grandpa.

What a Creep: Ira Einhorn What a Creep: Ira Einhorn "The Unicorn Killer" (Hippie Creep)

What a Creep

What a Creep takes a look at the life of Ira Einhorn who was known as the "pied piper of Philadelphia" for hippies and politicians in the 1970s. Later, he took off for Europe rather than stand trial for his girlfriend Holly Maddux. We talk about his life, escape & capture here.

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What a Creep

Season 3, Episode 5

Jian Ghomeshi


Jian Ghomeshi was once a superstar in Canada. He was in a popular band in the 90s that was nominated for Juno Awards and then as a CBC TV & Radio presenter. His talk show “Q with Jian Ghomeshi” was a huge hit across Canada airing twice per day with a popular YouTube channel and it aired on over 170 public radio stations at its peak between 2007-2014.

Then he was accused of sexual assault and battery losing his big gig and being a precursor to the string of men who would be indicted in the #MeToo movement that began in 2017. He tried to reshape his narrative with a factually challenged essay in 2018 which served to show he really hadn’t learned any lessons at all.

Then we talk about a Bay Area broadcaster who ISN”T a Creep!

This episode is helped by our friends at:

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CBC Radio Interview with author Kevin Donovan 

Global News.Ca: Jian Ghomeshi Facebook Post in Full


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