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Tough Mudder (TM) with Kyle McLaughlin - Talking TM Mission, Partnerships, Competitions, and Para.

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Release Date: 01/11/2020

Robbie Ripoll Reclaims His Life And Goes Back to Body Piercing Suspension - Inked Mag show art Robbie Ripoll Reclaims His Life And Goes Back to Body Piercing Suspension - Inked Mag

Living Adaptive

Robbie Ripoll (Inked Mag and Ink Master) is back and this is an amazing story of reclaiming your life after a traumatic accident! Robbie recently did something amazingly brave by going back to body piercing suspension. The same body piercing suspension activity that led to a very traumatic accident where Robbie loses his leg. Robbie is one of the most dynamic personalities in the world. This is a journey into the mind and life of a bold and caring human. Get in here and listen.   Don’t forget, if you find any value in this show then please use this link below to Buy Me A Coffee  ...

Talented Comedian Joe Underwood has Gone Viral show art Talented Comedian Joe Underwood has Gone Viral

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Comedian Joe Underwood has gone viral! You're about to hear how, why, and more. Joe Underwood is no doubt a rising star. He's got big plans to create more content and continue making us laugh. Joe Underwood is the next generation of rising stars.   More about Joe Underwood. He is a comedian, decorated athlete as a paralympian and collegiate basketball player, and he's well know for crushing TikTok and the stage.   Find Joe Underwood here, / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Duw650RbSqo&feature=youtu.be   If you enjoy the content, brighten my day and Buy Me a Coffee!  ...

Succeeding In Tough Times show art Succeeding In Tough Times

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What works for those that find huge success during significantly difficult times? We discuss this and more as we close out 2020 with the last episode of the year. We realize success is relative and the idea of what is successful is very different for each individual.   Cohost for this episode is Jacob Pacheco. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and he successfully thrives despite any challenges. Jacob brings his platform "ProneToRide" through social media and YouTube to your doorstep and inspires YOU to keep charging for your dreams and goals!   Find Jacob Pacheco at these links ...

Comedian and Writer Comedian and Writer "Mack" Steve Mackelprang

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You're about to be entertained by comedian, writer, and adventurer Steve Mackelprang aka Mack. Mack is really funny, smart, and creative. This is an episode is for everyone except younger ears. It's especially for those struggling and need a lift up and want to hear a really good story.   More about Mack Stephen Mackelprang is a man that has experienced the dark side of life and favours to see the light. He’s a renaissance man, skilled at much, yet master of nothing, except making the best out of what’s at hand – literally, being a dual amputee (AKA left, metatarsal right). After...

Inclusion in the Outdoors - Kami York-Feirn of Osprey Packs show art Inclusion in the Outdoors - Kami York-Feirn of Osprey Packs

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Don't miss this episode! We talk inclusion in the outdoors, a healthier approach towards growing your own social media platforms, Osprey Packs work towards supporting the disability community, and more with Kami York-Feirn.   Kami York-Feirn is a Social Media Manager in the outdoors industry at Osprey Packs. She's viewed as an expert in social media.  She's also an athlete, writer, and inclusion rights advocate. She's worked hard to support the disability community by leveraging her skills and connections to bring opportunities to the disability community.   Find Kami...

Life as Caregiver - The Foutz Family show art Life as Caregiver - The Foutz Family

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On August 5, 2012, Robin and Nate learned that their son Elisha was hit by a car riding his bike. Their lives would forever be changed. Today, hear the perspectives of these caregivers and learn about how they’re changing the world, for the better, with the use of social media. Many people have watched the journey of the Foutz family. Robin and Nate provide an insider look into life as parent and caregiver. Robin and Nate make impacts in the disability community and also on big stages. Robin is a speaker and content creator and Nate has performed for years as a drummer with bands such as...

20 minutes with a Lifestyle Vlogger and Disability Advocate - Cristie Grey show art 20 minutes with a Lifestyle Vlogger and Disability Advocate - Cristie Grey

Living Adaptive

Hear from an individual that is finding rapid success vlogging/creating content based on disability awareness and lifestyle. Cristie Grey is an amputee, wife, mother, and disability advocate.    In Cristie Grey’s words, I am a hand amputeeOG who is a survivor of a traumatic boating incident in 2001 with many setbacks, but I have moved forward and  I am able to live my best life.   Find Cristie Grey using these links below. Youtube Social Media   Me, I am here: Instagram: Facebook: Website

Almost Impossible - Climber Kimber Cross show art Almost Impossible - Climber Kimber Cross

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Kimber Cross is an elite climber born with a missing hand. For every climb, Kimber Cross is conquering what is deemed ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE.    Kimber Cross will take you on a journey to the Northwest mountains and provides you with glimpses into how she adapts and makes the almost impossible…very much possible.  The terrain Kimber climbs is dangerous, cold, icy, and unforgiving and paradoxically there’s peace and beauty in her treacherous adventures. Kimber thrives in these challenges. She shares what life was like as an athlete with a disability, accepting limb...

30 Minutes with Zappos show art 30 Minutes with Zappos

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I got 30 minutes with the Zappos Adaptive A Team! We heard your questions and Zappos answers them NOW. Hit the link below, subscribe and share. So you want to be a Zappos model? Why did Zappos invest into the adaptive community? Do you have any idea the work involved for Zappos to start this adaptive division? How does a small team from Zappos work with major shoe brands to sell a single shoe instead of a pair? Dana Zumbo from Zappos jumps on to share how Zappos Adaptive promotes inclusion by providing functional and fashionable clothing and shoes to make life easier and answers the questions...

Taking the Fight to Capitol Hill - Nicole Ver Kuilen show art Taking the Fight to Capitol Hill - Nicole Ver Kuilen

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Will YOU change the world even when the odds are against you? Will you lead the fight against big insurance companies and a powerful lobby on Capitol Hill? Welcome to the next generation of those fighting for the underserved. Nicole Ver Kuilen, the founder of Forrest Stump​, is doing exactly that, she's changing the world. She's fighting for the rights of individuals with disabilities to exercise and she’s taking this fight to Capitol Hill and Nicole want’s YOU to join the team. Nicole's position regarding the right to mobility is enlightening, definitely the best I've encountered. I...

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You’ll hear from the latest and now former Tough Mudder (TM) CEO Kyle McLaughlin.  This is perhaps Kyle’s last interview prior to departing TM.  I don’t have details to share as to why Kyle left Tough Mudder, but I suggest following our friends over at Obstacle Racing Media (links below) for up-to-date information regarding TM, Spartan, and OCRs in general.  
In this interview you will find a very sincere TM CEO looking to bring TM in a different direction than past years.  Kyle was totally cool to talk with behind the scenes, he’s real and approachable.  I don’t know the direction of TM now because TM is facing potentially involuntary bankruptcy and this could include getting acquired by our friends at Spartan Race.

Anyways, you can hear Kyle McLaughlin talk about:
  • Athletes that grab the attention of TM and the TM mission going into 2020

  • Para athletes in TM and the potentials

  • Kyle tips his hat to Spartan for pushing OCRs towards the olympics and carrying the torch for the structured OCR competitions.

  • Kyle explains the difference between Spartan and TM

  • What Kyle views as the power of the TM OCR community

  • TM offers a place for therapy and a realm to help others









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