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How To Measure Success

The Lyon Show

Release Date: 02/14/2020

How to measure success.

Now, when it comes to lots of people, I know they're doing great in life,

but if you ask them about it, they say they're really depressed, they're not quite feeling like they're actually making any progress or they're not where they want to be. And it's because of this concept and this disconnect that has been created in life right now. Uh, we see people on Instagram and online and YouTube and living and doing things that we wished we could be doing. And then we go to try and do the thing and we make progress, but we don't feel fulfilled. Okay? And this is, this is a big problem and I'm going to explain to you exactly how it is to overcome and to actually measure your success. Because you don't want to play by anyone else's rules.

You don't want to measure anyone else's success except for your own. And figure out what is the truth of what I'm doing and how can I keep on feeling successful, not burnout, not feel like I'm not making any progress. And the truth of the matter is kind of a, it's kind of funny. So let's take a look right now. So here we are. Now this is where we are. Here's the ideal. The ideal is our desired dream, our romantic visualization of what we're going to be when we finally get to this place, okay? So, and we set a goal, right? And the goal is to get here. Now, the difference between right here and right here is right here is our three-foot world, okay? This is the truth and expanse of everything around us right now. And it's where we are now. And it is not our ideal situation and we're not feeling the success.

So what we do is we make a goal and we go to the next level. We, we accomplish this goal, right? And, and we think, Oh wow, we did it, but this goal is not our ideal. Okay? So we see that we, we did a goal, but we don't feel accomplished, okay? Because we put so much importance on the ideal, in the imagination of this idea that we've constructed in her head. And then when we realize how far away our goal is, we get unmotivated and we don't, we start to get distracted. Okay? So when we're visualizing our ideal and our goal, this is what you need to do to measure your true success, okay? So we go from our three-foot world to our accomplishing our first goal. And instead of looking at the ideal and realizing that it's not here, what we need to do is we need to come back and take a look at where we were before we accomplish this goal and see how far we've come, okay?

And then this is going to build into the three wins, right? Three wins that we wake up or before you go to sleep every night, just tell yourself, go over three wins that you had from that day, okay? Three accomplishments, three baby steps that is taking you towards your ideal. And if you're able to say, today I had these three wins and then you're able to look at tomorrow and be like, tomorrow I'm going to have these three wins and those are going to get me closer to my ideal. Then you can start making progress and you can start measuring your success not by other people's lives, not by made up fantasy ideals, but by measurable increments. Because every time you set a goal and you will accomplish it, and then you look back on the wind that you had and you look back and see the three things that you did yesterday and the three things you're going to do today and the three things you're going to do tomorrow, then you can start measuring your progress day by day by day and not be overwhelmed and de motivated by this imaginary ideal fantasy that you've set for yourself.

So the funny thing is, is we always think we're supposed to be looking forward, right? Looking forward, looking forward, and never appreciating the now never appreciating where we were a few days ago, a few years ago. I don't know about you, but I am much better than I was a few years ago. And I measure my success not by the ideal, but by the goals that I'm going to accomplish today and the goals that I dominated yesterday. And then I'm going to dominate today. And that's how you measure success. That's how you build an empire, step-by-step. That's how you move mountains. So remember you go from, now you accomplish a goal and you reward yourself and you look back on how far you've come, not how far you have to go, but how far you have come. And that is the measurement of a real person, of a real successful entrepreneur moving forward, making progress. Okay? And that's how you measure success.