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Episode 53: Kate Nicholson's Suggestions for Dealing With Isolation

The Social Exchange

Release Date: 03/28/2020

Anthony Magnabosco Round II (Bonus Episode) show art Anthony Magnabosco Round II (Bonus Episode)

The Social Exchange

After my first conversation with Anthony Magnabosco (Episode 61), I decided to do a follow-up so that I could talk more about Street Epistemology strategy and his plans to scale this movement! 

Episode 61: Street Epistemology with Anthony Magnabosco show art Episode 61: Street Epistemology with Anthony Magnabosco

The Social Exchange

Welcome to season 5! In the spirit of engaging my guests in rich, reflective conversations, I'm kicking off the new season by interviewing a man who is-- in my not-always-humble opinion-- a king of such meaningful conversations; conversations about-- well, "meaning". His name is Anthony Magnabosco and he is a practitioner of a conversation-style called Street Epistemology (or in lay terms: talking about truth-claims and beliefs with strangers). I'll let you hear about it for yourself in the intro and then in the interview, but I'll leave you with this: If we were able to speak to / think out...


The Social Exchange

Welcome to season 5 of TSE!  Check out the 5 min. clip here for details about the new season and new format (and get ready for tomorrow's interview with Anthony Magnabosco)! - - - - - - - - - -  Relevant show notes:  Subscribe to the LPP Podcast: Subscribe to Life Process Program YouTube Channel: Make a $2. contribution to The Social Exchange: Check out/ subscribe to Anthony Magnabosco's YouTube Channel:  

Brightmind: Is This FINALLY The Mindfulness and Meditation App For YOU? show art Brightmind: Is This FINALLY The Mindfulness and Meditation App For YOU?

The Social Exchange

Welcome to The Social Exchange!  As you may know, we are currently preparing for a new and improved season of The Social Exchange Podcast, and the fun starts on October 1st.  Of course, we can't leave you on hold for a whole month, so we are sharing this episode of the LPP Podcast.... And that's because-- come October-- we will no longer be publishing addiction-related content.  Those episodes can be found on the LPP Podcast :)  This LPP Podcast interview was with CEO of the Brightmind meditation app, Toby Sola.  I told Toby that I would be sharing this episode with...

Episode 60: Alexander Gould -- Unity 2020 show art Episode 60: Alexander Gould -- Unity 2020

The Social Exchange

Welcome to episode 60! Today's guest is Alexander Gould. Gould is an actor who began his career at two years old!  He played the voice of Nemo in Disney's Finding Nemo in 2003, and later played Shane Botwin in the Showtime series Weeds.  Now, at age 26, Gould is one of the lead volunteers for a political movement called Unity2020-- a presidential campaign like no other!  In the podcast, Gould explains the Unity 2020 movement and how he became involved. Gould tells me how he's managed to balance his acting career with both his academic pursuits as well as his management of an...

Episode 59: Bridgett Mack (A.K.A. Episode 59: Bridgett Mack (A.K.A. "BMackWrites")

The Social Exchange

0:00 - 6:12  News about a new season of the podcast / housekeeping  6:12 - 12:55  Introduction and background about today's show / guest.  12:56  Show starts here!  - - - - - - - - - -  Welcome to episode 59!  Today's episode is a discussion about race with my new friend Bridgett Mack.   I learned about Bridgett after watching her viral Facebook video called, "You'll Never Guess What My White Neighbor Just Came And Said To ME!!!"  "The title," she says, "was satirical--- picking on "click-baity" headlines" to which we've all become...

Episode 58: Tamler Sommers Episode 58: Tamler Sommers "Why Honor Matters"

The Social Exchange

Welcome to episode 58! In today's episode, I spoke with Tamler Sommers about his book, "Why Honor Matters."  Tamler is the co-host of the Very Bad Wizards Podcast (check it out-- it's actually one of my favorite shows). He is also a philosophy professor at the Univeristy of Houston and he is, of course, the author of the aforementioned (and excellent) book about honor culture, "Why Honor Matters".  "Honor" is one of those concepts with a kind of fluid definition (like the concept of addiction that I talk so much about). But once you wrap your mind around the overall influence that...

Episode 57: Kevin Franciotti: Psychedelics and 12-Steps show art Episode 57: Kevin Franciotti: Psychedelics and 12-Steps

The Social Exchange

Welcome to The Social Exchange Podcast Today’s guest is Kevin Franciotti.  Kevin is a board member of The Psychedelics in Recovery: Outreach and Services -- PROS--   which is a research initiative of Project New Day Foundation, a non-profit that helps people overcome addiction through the responsible and legal use of psychedelics. A large part of Kevin's efforts are allocated toward bridging the gap between 12-step programs (like AA) and that of psychedelic assisted recovery.  Many people express resistance to linking those two efforts, and may even see them as wholly...

Episode 56: Daniel Garrett-- Shining A Light On Rural Tennessee show art Episode 56: Daniel Garrett-- Shining A Light On Rural Tennessee

The Social Exchange

Welcome to episode 56! Today's guest is Daniel Garrett.  Daniel belongs to a demographic that has not been widely represented on this podcast. Hailing from rural Northwest Tennessee, Daniel is in his mid-20s, he is bisexual, he is below the poverty line, he’s experienced traumatic events and difficult family circumstances growing up, he has done sex work, and he currently uses illicit drugs (even though he's actively trying to pursue alternative, more healthy involvements and cut down on (or stop) his drug use.  Fortunately, for the first time in his life, Daniel has found...

Episode 55: Dr. Michael Shermer Episode 55: Dr. Michael Shermer "Giving The Devil His Due"

The Social Exchange

Welcome to episode 55!  Today's guest is the founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine and NYT best-selling author, Dr. Michael Shermer.  Dr. Shermer and I discussed his new book, Giving The Devil HIs Due.  Some salient talking points:  - Free Speech-- why it is the most precious right and why it must  be upheld always. -  supreme court case (famous for the "shouting fire in a crowded theater" analogy for limiting speech) - Rappaport's rules for engagement and it behooves us to follow them (i.e. the entire essence of "The Social Exchange") - The appropriate...

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Kate Nicholson is a civil rights attorney. 

In the mid-90's-- due to complications from surgery-- she became unable to walk, stand, or even sit. She was in excruciating pain each day and couldn't leave her home; she remained isolated in bed for 15 years. 

In this interview, Kate explains how, despite being isolated, she was able to create a purposeful, meaningful, and engaging (and OPTIMISTIC) life.  And she offers tips about how to do the same, for those of us who are still only getting used to our new, temporary, way-of-life sans social-engagement. 

By the way, did I mention Kate is a VERY smart cookie? 

  • She is a civil rights attorney and an advocate for pain patients who have been affected by limitations on prescribing (she has done a Ted Talk on this issue)
  • She is a nationally-recognized expert on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • She also runs non-profits related to pain patients and the arts, respectively.
  • She frequently writes op-eds for major publications like the LA Times and The Hill.  

Learn more about Kate here:  http://katemnicholson.com/ 

Her article is here: 


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