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Soul Talk with Sahar

Release Date: 01/17/2007

Podcast interview with Silva method instructors on this mind development course founded by Jose Silva; for problem-solving, quick learning, healing, and self-improvement.

The Silva Method is is The World's Leading Mind Technology Program. The Focused Thinking Programme is a system of dynamic meditation that offers practical formulas for solving problems, getting more out of life and reawakening your creativity and intuition. This is the only programme researched and developed by Jose Silva with millions of graduates world-wide and supported by one thousand Certified Silva Method Instructors.

In this interview, I asked the directors:
- How long does it take to achieve results?
- What's your favourite Silva Method tool?
- Do you offer a course for children?
- How does the Silva Method improve creativity?
- Are there 'celebrities' who have done the course?
- How do you help NHS, nursing staff?

www.silvamethod.co.uk , www.ketheric.com, www.PS-Magazine.com