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EP 89: Mindset Hacks

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Release Date: 05/26/2020

Arrows Out Marketing  You are here to Serve show art Arrows Out Marketing You are here to Serve

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Today is episode 107, and we’re talking about arrows out marketing. I’ve discussed this topic on many different platforms because it’s so important. The arrows out approach is one way authentic influencers can create an amazing, personal, profitable, heart-centered business. So, how do you really do that? Well, it all comes down to arrows out marketing. 

Finding Success in Leadership show art Finding Success in Leadership

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Dr. Kimberly Hambrick started her career in the corporate world as an educational consultant. She worked within this industry for 30 years and focused on business and corporate development. 

Overcoming the FEAR of Success show art Overcoming the FEAR of Success

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Amy Lee Westervelt’s journey in the network marketing industry began in Juno, Alaska, where her husband was stationed. At the time, she felt very hopeless and wanted a different lifestyle. So, she and her husband agreed that if she could replace their monthly income, they could look into other options. 

How to build confidence and visibility through speaking show art How to build confidence and visibility through speaking

Authentic Influencer Podcast

The four tenants of public speaking include standing, breathing, speaking, and reading. A lot of times, people struggle with how to carry themselves and stand confidently. Women, especially, tend to lean into themselves and take up as little space as possible. Many women have experienced uncomfortable situations where they feel uncomfortable speaking up and taking up space. Still, standing in public speaking refers to how you own your space and feel powerful within their own body. 

How do build connection and increase your sales show art How do build connection and increase your sales

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Today, we’re talking about how you can create connections to increase sales. This concept is something that a lot of people are interested in more about. There’s a big difference between connecting with you and connecting with your network marketing company.

Building Belief in Yourself - You can do this! show art Building Belief in Yourself - You can do this!

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Sarah Rose is currently an online business mentor and network marketing advocate. Sarah grew up in a single-parent home where, sadly, her mom was thousands of dollars in debt. However, when her mom became a pioneer in the network marketing industry, their lives changed, and instead of being thousands of dollars in the red, they went to thousands of dollars in the green. Sarah’s mom became her inspiration and helped propel her toward the career she’s in today.

Authenticity is Key to Network Marketing Success show art Authenticity is Key to Network Marketing Success

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Sarah got into network marketing, not thinking it was something she would be interested in or do in the long-term. Although she was successful, she still felt stuck in the industry because she lacked passion and personal investment. Yet, once Sarah switched companies, she realized network marketing was her true calling and mission.  With a skyrocketing business, Sarah's finally realizing her potential and meeting the goals she's always dreamt of.

Why Duplication ALWAYS Brings Discouragement show art Why Duplication ALWAYS Brings Discouragement

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Welcome to episode 100!! Can you believe that we have 100 episodes of phenomenal content? Today we are going to be talking about why duplication always leads to discouragement. Your upline may have said you need to create a duplicatable system. Well, you don’t, and here’s whey duplication always leads to discontent. You are trying to force people to become something they are not.

Entrepreneur Mindset Vs Employee Mindset show art Entrepreneur Mindset Vs Employee Mindset

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Today the amazing Tricia Peterson talks to us about the difference between an entrepreneur mindset and an employee mindset. She delves into how to transition from making hobby money into making business money, and it all begins with your mindset. Having a business mindset is more than just working more hours; it starts with changing the way you think. 

How to get back in the groove after a break show art How to get back in the groove after a break

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Today we're talking about how to get your groove back after a break. Since it's summertime, you may be taking a break from your business. Kids home from school, family vacations, and doing all the things can make it challenging to manage your business. This is why taking a break is essential, yet it's also just as crucial to plan for your time away.

More Episodes

Mindset Hacks With Deb Erickson


“If you know how to manage fear, it makes you fearless in the face of fear and when you are driven by your deep core passions, you really become unstoppable.”


Deb Erickson


Deb Erickson is a highly trained mindset expert and has dialed in how to help network marketers and leaders all over the world shift their mindset so it can serve them. Her knowledge and talents assist marketers by improving the way they think so they can help themselves and educate their downline.


Deb’s career started as a teacher and athletic coach. However, it didn’t take long for her to realize that while she loved teaching, it wasn’t going to pay the bills. 


After she decided to switch career paths, she became a trainer in the corporate America world. While she was making more money than teaching, her time was spread thin. Then, Deb discovered network marketing, and she became instantly hooked. In her very first company, she shot straight to the top within the first year and a half. 


However, shortly after, this company went under and opened her up to new opportunities and ideas. She discovered neuroscience and went back to school. Then, Deb decided it was time to go back to network marketing, but had a very different mindset than the first time. This second experience led her to realize teaching others about how to find success was her calling and passion. 

Deb started the ICAN Institute and now is a highly successful mindset coach influencing and teaching women everywhere. 


“You have to know what the driving force in your life is. You gotta know the why.”- Deb Erickson


Understanding your why can change throughout your life but remains the number one secret to maintaining the proper mindset. Knowing what your core passion is,  causes you to get up early and stay up late. It’s the drive that keeps you going when you’re tired, but you keep pushing through.


Mastering your fear is another way to shift your mindset.


When you can learn to silence fear with neuroscience tools, anxiety becomes more manageable. When you can identify and rank your fear, you are taking control of the fear, rather than letting it take control of you. It’s essential to master your mindset around the ability to deal with and manage fear.


When you have the neuro tools needed to make the change or shift, then you can retrain your brain and move from point a to point b. You can change anything as long as you’re willing to pay the switch price.


Neuro tools are all about using sensory rich modalities to create a shift. Some of these tools include nighttime tools that help shift your language platform or morning tools that help you set the tone for your day.


“When we anchor...it creates a rhythm and a power. Nothing creates more confidence than knowing that whatever shows up you can handle.” - Deb Erickson


Neuro tools help you stop moving down the path that isn’t serving you. Instead, they allow a shift that moves you in the right direction. When you’re feeling fear, your brain interprets that feeling as a threat. 

The best way to break a fear cycle is to close your eyes, tilt your head, and take three deep breaths. This simple action tells your brain that you’re about ready to go to sleep. When your falling asleep, your mind doesn’t feel threatened.


The finger roll is another essential tool to help you throughout your day and involves touching your finger and thumb together. Next, you simply tell yourself, “I can.” This tells your mind that you will accomplish your goal and do whatever it takes. 


Second, you touch your next finger and say, “I will.” Meaning you can do what’s required. On the third finger, you repeat, “I am.” When you say this, you believe that you are enough and are in the right place at the right time. 


Using this neuro tool elevates confidence and energy to create a small shift in mindset. Adding a snap with your left hand helps you take action within three to five seconds. Then, once you’ve taken action, remind yourself of what you just accomplished.


To find out more about Deb and the ICAN Institute visit her website or check out this neuro tools link. You can even access and download her free business mindset neuro tool by clicking here.


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