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Episode 59: Bridgett Mack (A.K.A. "BMackWrites")

The Social Exchange

Release Date: 07/31/2020

How To Be A Stoic: Massimo Pigliucci | Ep. 67 show art How To Be A Stoic: Massimo Pigliucci | Ep. 67

The Social Exchange

Biologist, philosopher, author, and Stoic, Dr. Massimo Pigliucci discusses the wisdom behind living a stoic lifestyle. - - - - - - - - - -  Welcome to episode 67! Today, Dr. Massimo Pigliucci tells Zach how he discovered stoicism and why he began practicing. They also discuss the history of stoicism as well as its practical applications, especially in dealing with novel situations like-- well, a global pandemic. Then they talk about the differences, as well as the overlap between, a stoic lifestyle and other practices such as mindfulness and the kinds of cognitive therapies that Zach...

BONUS EP |Drugs, Addiction, Trauma, and Natural Recovery | Michael Galipeau show art BONUS EP |Drugs, Addiction, Trauma, and Natural Recovery | Michael Galipeau

The Social Exchange

We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  In the spirit of overcoming difficult times, I'm sharing an interview that I conducted with a man named Michael Galipeau (AKA Mikey G)-- the interview was a segment of the LPP Podcast (which you should check out on YouTube or audio podcast) Mikey was raised in a state-run institution which was traumatic in and of itself and led to years of homelessness and a lot of destructive-- even suicidal-- behavior. He also developed a relationship with legal and illegal drugs-- drugs he used as coping mechanisms.  But Mikey doesn't tell a "the drugs hijacked my...

Episode 66 | William B. Irvine: A Guide to the Good Life (Stoicism and Stoic Exercises) show art Episode 66 | William B. Irvine: A Guide to the Good Life (Stoicism and Stoic Exercises)

The Social Exchange

William B Irvine speaks with Zach Rhoads about his philosophy of life, stoicism, and he offers exercises for stoic practice (as per his popular books "A Guide to the Good Life", "The Stoic Challenge," and others). Some relevant discussion topics from todays' episode: - William's stumbling across (and landing on) Stoicism by way of Buddhism and a philosophy of life. - A history of stoicism - Tranquility and savoring life (the meaning of "a good life") - Evolution, psychology, and human nature--- and how stoicism accepts and transcends these things. ' - Applied Stoicism (a view from above;...

Bonus episode |Q & A, cognitive dissonance, COVID-19, South Dakota| Bonus episode |Q & A, cognitive dissonance, COVID-19, South Dakota| "Direct Message"

The Social Exchange

This is my answer to a question that popped up in The Social Exchange Facebook group (The ) It was a good question that got me thinking about to make headway on important issues that many of us are so incredibly divided on.  I've been talking about recording my responses to FB questions in podcast form for a long time now, and so that starts now!   Note: It's not important whether you agree or disagree with my own beliefs / conclusions-- what's important is that you get to listen to the way I form beliefs (which are always subject to change given appropriate evidence).  I'm...

Episode 65-- Jessie Dunleavy: Episode 65-- Jessie Dunleavy: "Cover My Dreams In Ink"

The Social Exchange

Jessie Dunleavy is an author and drug policy reform advocate whose son Paul died of an accidental drug overdose. She went on to write a memoir about Paul's life from her perspective called, “Cover My Dreams In Ink”. Today, Jessie and I talked about the memoir and the myriad topics included in its pages: - Parenting - The public school system - Special education - Neurodiversity - Mental health - Trauma - Addiction - Drug policy / the war on drugs - The addiction treatment system - Hope for the future... and other topics. Jessie shared her perspective about these topics that are always on...

Episode 64: Dr. Jeffrey Singer, CATO Institute, Drug Policy, COVID Response, 2020 Election and More! show art Episode 64: Dr. Jeffrey Singer, CATO Institute, Drug Policy, COVID Response, 2020 Election and More!

The Social Exchange

Welcome to The Social Exchange Podcast!  Today's guest is Dr. Jeffrey Singer.  Dr. Singer shared his thoughts and professional opinions about America's COVID response-- the good, the bad, the upsetting, and the hopeful--  and what he believes are the most sensible and holistic approaches moving forward.  He also discussed ideas for drug policy, including the proper relationship between government and drug access, as per this recent White Paper (coauthored with Michael Cannon) Finally, he and I talked about the 2020 election and the unnecessary sigma associated with voting...

Episode 63: Brian Keating show art Episode 63: Brian Keating

The Social Exchange

Welcome to episode 63! Today Zach interviews Astrophysicist, Author and Podcaster, Dr. Brian Keating. Dr. Keating wrote the book, "Losing The Nobel Prize", in which he recounts his designing and directing a Nobel-worthy physics experiment called BICEP. He talks about why he and his team fell short of winning the prize (although the experiment itself was very successful), and how he later came to realize that pining for the Nobel Prize actually detracted from the reasons he became a physicist in the first place-- namely, to contribute to the betterment of humanity. Zach and Brian talk about the...

Episode 62: Brock Coderre show art Episode 62: Brock Coderre

The Social Exchange

The Social Exchange is brought to you by the online Life Process Program-- an online addiction program that can be self-help or coach-led (your choice)... both versions cost less than a monthly co-pay for a therapist or outpatient program. To learn more, visit - - - - - - - - - - In this episode, Zach speaks with Brock Coderre, a Republican candidate for Vermont House of Representatives. Zach and Coderre disagree on many issues, but they fully agree on the style of conversation that will foster collaboration and change among the electorate as well as elected officials. To be sure, Brock...

Anthony Magnabosco Round II (Bonus Episode) show art Anthony Magnabosco Round II (Bonus Episode)

The Social Exchange

After my first conversation with Anthony Magnabosco (Episode 61), I decided to do a follow-up so that I could talk more about Street Epistemology strategy and his plans to scale this movement! 

Episode 61: Street Epistemology with Anthony Magnabosco show art Episode 61: Street Epistemology with Anthony Magnabosco

The Social Exchange

Welcome to season 5! In the spirit of engaging my guests in rich, reflective conversations, I'm kicking off the new season by interviewing a man who is-- in my not-always-humble opinion-- a king of such meaningful conversations; conversations about-- well, "meaning". His name is Anthony Magnabosco and he is a practitioner of a conversation-style called Street Epistemology (or in lay terms: talking about truth-claims and beliefs with strangers). I'll let you hear about it for yourself in the intro and then in the interview, but I'll leave you with this: If we were able to speak to / think out...

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6:12 - 12:55  Introduction and background about today's show / guest. 

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Welcome to episode 59! 

Today's episode is a discussion about race with my new friend Bridgett Mack.  

I learned about Bridgett after watching her viral Facebook video called, "You'll Never Guess What My White Neighbor Just Came And Said To ME!!!" 

"The title," she says, "was satirical--- picking on "click-baity" headlines" to which we've all become accustomed.  Bridgett (a black woman) really does have a white neighbor who really did approach her on that day (days after George Floyd had been killed). But what the white neighbor told her was wonderful and kind as opposed to rude and ruthless, as the title may have led us to believe. 

In the video, she offered a perspective about racism in America. It was nuanced and thoughtful. Her words, tone, and passion were all very honest, and I felt compelled to ask her if she would be on the podcast to discuss the topic in more detail.

Happily, she agreed. I hope you'll enjoy! 

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Follow Bridgett on social media: https://www.facebook.com/watch/bmackwrites1/

See Bridgett's web site here: https://www.bmackwrites.com/?fbclid=IwAR0ol4tu8esuv6Yq0At_ghPbCsCvo0IlY2CWlf9YoJ1MwEfC8GHmiTilT_E

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