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Great Companies Focus on Health and Wellness show art Great Companies Focus on Health and Wellness

The Solutions Oriented Leader podcast

Great companies focus on health and wellnness. It enhances employee retention and aid in the recruitment and hiring of new team members.  When your team prioritizes personal health and wellness, it’s a win for everyone. They enjoy a higher quality of life, while the company itself benefits from higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and improved morale. But while some employees will be totally on board with physical fitness efforts, others may need a little coaxing. Part of your job is to ensure that wellness is built into your company culture. Here are 6 Ways that great companies...

Managing Employee Experience When Leadership Changes show art Managing Employee Experience When Leadership Changes

The Solutions Oriented Leader podcast

How do we maintain employee experience when leadership changes  More importantly how does that employee experience effect the company.that's what I would like to discuss with you today. Where does employee experience come from? That’s a more complicated question than you might think. My personal belief is that employee experience emanates largely from the people on your team—from their shared values and objectives.  With that said, I also think team leaders play a significant role in shaping and codifying that culture. So what happens when your team leader leaves? Can the...

How to Transform Your Company CultureHow to Transfrom Your Company Culture show art How to Transform Your Company CultureHow to Transfrom Your Company Culture

The Solutions Oriented Leader podcast

Does your companies culture keep you up at night? There’s a reason why company culture has become such a big focus for companies both large and small. Studies show, time and time again, that culture can make or break performance, team cohesion, employee retention, and recruitment.  Is it Time to Rethink Your Company Culture?  Maybe even time to transform your company culture? If you’re thinking about making a proactive move to enhance your company culture, that’s certainly not a bad idea—but wait. You have to be strategic, and to lay a foundation for long-lasting cultural...

It's Time To Get Uncomfortable Episode 108 show art It's Time To Get Uncomfortable Episode 108

The Solutions Oriented Leader podcast

It's time to get uncomfortable that's what my mentor Dr Danny Drubin would say to me when I was not growing or strecthing to build myself and my business. Change and growth is uncomfortable, but once we stretch and grow there no turning back!

The Five Areas To Set Goals and Attain Balance In Life show art The Five Areas To Set Goals and Attain Balance In Life

The Solutions Oriented Leader podcast

Volodymyr Zelensky and Winston Churchill Transformational Leaders at War! show art Volodymyr Zelensky and Winston Churchill Transformational Leaders at War!

The Solutions Oriented Leader podcast

The Subtle Signs Of A Cultural Weakness show art The Subtle Signs Of A Cultural Weakness

The Solutions Oriented Leader podcast

Quite often, if we look close enough the telltale subtle signs of a cultural weakness are there for everyone to see. Sometimes, when your company culture is in jeopardy, it’s pretty obvious.  Maybe you have employees leaving by droves. Or maybe you have a morale problem that is palpable. But in other instances, the signs of trouble may be more subtle. You may not even recognize them until it’s too late. Let me share with you a few examples How a Weak Company Culture Will Cause You Problems

5 Common Reasons Performance Management Systems Fail show art 5 Common Reasons Performance Management Systems Fail

The Solutions Oriented Leader podcast

There are 5 common reasons that performance management systems fail and we care going to dicuss them today in this episode of The Solutions Oriented Leader Podcast.

Do You Have An Effective Performance Management System show art Do You Have An Effective Performance Management System

The Solutions Oriented Leader podcast

Do You Have an Effective Performance Management System? So What is a Performance Management System? it is the formal processes by which you articulate employee responsibilities; monitor their performance; and provide feedback and course-corrections as needed.

Fun Employee Engagement Questions show art Fun Employee Engagement Questions

The Solutions Oriented Leader podcast

There are fun employee engagement questions you can ask in an employee engagement survey that will help you to improve your employee experience. In this podcast you will discover 11 fun employee engagement questions that you can ask which will give you great employee feedback and help to improve your organizational culture and your employee experience.

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Engaging teams and leaders of those highly engaged teams understand that so much of life comes down to the habits and discipline of the team members.

Highly engaged teams have systems and rituals they use to give them great results and you team can have the same results as well.

If you want your team to be more engaged—well, there are some habits to form for that, too. I recommend these five, in particular:

  1. Plan to engage. It’s difficult to be engaging when you’re making everything up as you go along. Of course, you may find yourself in unexpected situations, with some surprise opportunities to talk to employees or to potential customers—but most of the time, you will have a chance to plan. Want to run an engaging team meeting?

Take some time to plan your approach before the meeting. Want to engage a new client, rather         than bore him to death? Plan your pitch in advance.

  1. Listen. Get into the habit of understanding before you try to make yourself understood. This means getting out of the habit of talking over other people or struggling to assert your point of view first and last. Make sure you always take time to figure out where other people are coming from.
  2. They Think win-win. One of the best ways to engage people is to present your case in a win-win manner—explaining not just why you want a given outcome, but why it’s also good for the other person. Be proactive about it; force yourself to always think win-win, and to lay out benefits and values.
  3. Focus on the outcome. Always know what kind of outcome you’re looking to achieve, and lead with it. Don’t bury the lead: Whether you’re talking to a customer or a team member, be upfront about what you hope to achieve. This will give your conversations direction.
  4. Follow up. Engagement is a two-way street—and while I don’t necessarily think you need to micromanage; I do think you need to give people room to ask questions or to offer you feedback. Get into the habit of asking for these things if you’re not already.


Highly Engaged Teams Morning Rituals

  1. Morning affirmations and goals review

One of my favorite leadership lessons comes from Stephen Covey's book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The Habit is: “Begin with the End in Mind”.

Many of the executives that I coach implement a morning ritual of positive affirmations while reviewing their goals. They see themselves achieving these goals as if the task has already been accomplished.

They understand what most champions in sports and business have come to understand when they say.

“When They Believe It, They Will See It!”


  1. The Walkabout

Whenever I get to the office or even start my day virtually, I like to do a walkabout. There was a company in Argentina called Neutrona Networks International, where I was the executive coach for the founders and their management team.

I would fly to Buenos Aires three times a year to work with the team and each morning when I arrived at the office, I did my walkabout. I went and greeted each team member in the company to exchange pleasantries and asked him if there was anything, they needed to do their job better.

I also asked them about their families and how they were doing. If you want to be an engaging leader it's important to also understand this principle.

“People do Business with People Who They Like Who are Like Them!”

In other words, if your team truly like you and you are engaging and sincere, chances are they will work even harder to help reach the organizations and your goals.


  1. The Morning Huddle

One of my favorite morning rituals and I believe to be one of the most important for any organization is the morning huddle. It's important to understand the philosophy behind the huddle.

The goal is to have everyone on the team communicating with the leader what they will be working on for the week.

It's also an opportunity for the leader to ask team members if they need any support to achieve their goals and objectives for the week. It's important to note that the morning huddle is not a meeting, in fact my team leader in Argentina contacted me and said the huddles were lasting too long.

Our solution was to call it a coffee huddle, when the coffee is done the huddle is over! Think of a huddle in the National Football League, the quarterback calls the plays instructs the team what to do and says break and they come out of the huddle.

I recommend that you have the huddle on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This way you could start the week off communicating, check in with the team halfway through the week and on Friday review what had been accomplished and set the goals for Monday.

I believe by implementing these morning rituals in addition to the five habits, you'll be well on your way to becoming a more effective and engaging leader.

It takes time and diligence to be an engaging leader—and it takes the formation of good, healthy habits. Do you have any tips to add to this list on how you engage with your team or with your customers?