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The Heroin Effect: The REAL Story On Stimulus!

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Release Date: 03/09/2021

4:14 – Inflation Is Not A Concern, But DEFLATION Is! 📈📉
5:50 – “Rates Are Going To Have To Go To ZERO…”🏛️
11:00 – The False Belief: Economic Growth Is The Enemy Of Inflation. Growth Doesn’t Equal Inflation! 🗠
11:40 – Why The Country Can't Grow With All This Debt - Stimulus Included!!! 🥺
12:00 – For Every Dollar Of Growth, We NOW Have To Spend $7. In 1991 That Ratio Used To Be 1:1!!! 💸
15:05 – Exactly Why The FED Has To Lower Rates. 💵
16:05 – Productivity Has Declined For A Decade In The US. 🤨
18:10 – Is The Recession Over Or Is There More To Come? (Why Dan Rawitch Believes In A Double-Dip). 〽️
25:45 – “Something Is Really Wrong Fundamentally; Lending Money Is Now Costing You Money.” ☠️
27:00 – There’s A Short Squeeze Coming In The Equity’s Market & It’s Going To Be EPIC! ⏰

A little about Dan Rawitch:
⭐ Started RPM Mortgage
⭐ Traded for Bears & Stearns
⭐ Founded One of the Largest Credit Reporting Agencies
⭐ Host of RateWatch since 2008.

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