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Leprechaun 2 (1994) - Movie Review - Episode 207

The Cinema Psychos Show

Release Date: 03/17/2021

Pink Rabbit (2022)- Movie Review- Episode 245 show art Pink Rabbit (2022)- Movie Review- Episode 245

The Cinema Psychos Show

It's not everyday that we get an indie film to review.  And this one comes straight from Germany!  Filmmaker Zetkin Yikilmis unleashes her newest film, "PINK RABBIT".  The film details the bizarre journey, concocted by an equally bizarre man dressed like a  Pink Rabbit, that a young mother named Martha has to endure on the way home to her young son and husband.  The movie pays homage to a number of bizarre and surreal tropes from other genre films while at the same time forcing us to ask the question of whether all the horrors that the Pink Rabbit puts Martha through...

Nope (2022)- Movie Review- Episode 244 show art Nope (2022)- Movie Review- Episode 244

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are taking a trip to Hollywood and symbolism in Director & modern horror maestro, Jordan Peele in his newest film, NOPE.  Nope is an interesting movie as on the surface it feels very much like a throw back to the old school monster movies of the 70's and 80's.  But in classic Jordan Peele style, there is  way more meaning behind the film..and moments of levity between the terror.  However, with a knock out film like his first film "GET OUT" and the "meh" reception to his second film, "US" how does "NOPE" stack up?  Does it deliver the scares and laughs or...

John C. Lyons- Filmmaker & Director of The Eerie Horror Fest - Episode 243 show art John C. Lyons- Filmmaker & Director of The Eerie Horror Fest - Episode 243

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we've got a very special guest on for a very special interview.  Award winning filmmaker and the brains (not for consumption zombie fans) behind the Eerie Horror Fest, John C. Lyons stops by the podcast to discuss his journey as a filmmaker and storyteller, his most recent film, Unearth which has garnered critical acclaim as brilliant example of Environmental Horror, and of course his plans for a jam-packed Eerie Horror Fest that is truly rising from the dead this October 5-8th at the Warner Theater in Erie, PA.   Episode links! Eerie Horror Fest - Watch Unearth- Lyons...

Practical Effects VS. CGI - Episode 242 show art Practical Effects VS. CGI - Episode 242

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, Brian and John try to analyze the age old conflict between nerds.....Star Trek vs Star Wars.....I mean Practical FX vs CGI.  Yes a war that has been waged  on between cinephiles in the lobbies of movie theaters across the world since 1993.  But why do these techniques in creating the fantastical have to be polar opposites?  Why is there so much love for what arguably are less realistic and more expensive practical fx and so much vitrol and critique over computer generated visual effects?  Is there room in the big tent of filmmaking for both of these camps?...

Jurassic World: Dominion (2022) - Movie Review - Episode 241 show art Jurassic World: Dominion (2022) - Movie Review - Episode 241

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, John and Brian sit in some group therapy as we examine the loss of their childhood with the newest dinosaur-sized turd in the form of Jurassic World: Dominion. This movie has it all:  a ridiculous plot, phoned in "member berries in the form of vintage Jurassic Park characters showing up, and all the dinosaur action that a bloated hollywood cash grab can muster.  Despite all that, the real question we all have is how can a movie franchise fall so low?  How can you start off with a movie that captured the imaginations of billions with cutting edge CGI that changed the...

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness - Movie Review - Episode 240 show art Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness - Movie Review - Episode 240

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, John and Brian dust off their sling rings as they re enter the world of marvel with it's newest entry (no not Thor Love and Thunder....or Ms. Marvel....Or Moon Knight....way too many marvel properties).  No we'll be talking about Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness...That's right Doctor Strange in his own movie and not just a discount Iron Man in someone else's movie.  This time around, the Doctor battles the entire multiverse in a bizarre movie that includes zombies, giant one eyed monsters (hehe), and Bruce Campbell.  So grab your Pizza Balls from Pizza...

Movie 43 (2013) - Movie Review - Episode 239 show art Movie 43 (2013) - Movie Review - Episode 239

The Cinema Psychos Show

When you think of gross out/sex comedies of the 2000's-2010's; What films come to mind?  Do you automatically go to such classics  like "Road Trip".  Or perhaps you are a bit more sophisticated and prefer to sing "Scotty Doesn't Know!" as you binge watch Euro Trip for the 50th time.  Or maybe there is a deep dark crevace in your DVD rack that holds one of the most unfunny and purely vile films to grace the silver screen.....No its not 500 Days of Sodom.  Its 2013's "MOVIE 43."  A movie that some might view as a practical joke played on both the actors in the film...

Flatwoods (2022) - Movie Review - Episode 238 show art Flatwoods (2022) - Movie Review - Episode 238

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, John and Brian are entering the world of conspiracy, aliens, and the supernatural as we review the indie film, Flatwoods.  Flatwoods; directed by Pittsburgh local filmmaker, James Lockhart, features a mysterious story about the alleged  monster that stalks the flatwoods area of West Virgina.  The film also features a ton of South West PA Film talent from the likes of actors like David Ogradowski, John Iwanonkiw, Christina Chickis, and Mandy Simpson.  With a story steeped in local lore and weaved into a web of conspiracy, the film tells the story of documentary...

Money Plane (2020)- Movie Review - Episode 237 show art Money Plane (2020)- Movie Review - Episode 237

The Cinema Psychos Show

After a bit of a break, we are back with a brand new episode.  And after our foray into high cinema with last episode's extensive review of "The Batman".  We figured we had to follow up such a high mark in cinema with a complete turd of a movie.  Kinda like having your delicious taco bell then suffering for it about an hour or so later.  And boy of boy do we have a stinker this week.  What happens when you combine a bunch of c list actors with Kelsey Grammer, The Laurence Brothers, and Edge fro WWE?  You get 2020's hot mess, "Money Plane".  A movie that begs...

The Batman (2022) - Movie Review - Episode 236 show art The Batman (2022) - Movie Review - Episode 236

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, Brian and John don't just emerge from the shadows, they are the shadows.....well not quite.  More like they emerged from the shadows of a movie theater with smilex gas grins across their faces after seeing Matt Reeves' "The Batman".  Fair warning, this review does contain some spoilers.  So if you have yet to see the film, please check it out first.  But with this being the 3rd batman to be introduced in less than 20 years, does this version of the caped crusader hold up against the down to earth version of Bale's Batman or the roided up part time leader of the...

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Happy St. Patrick's Day to our Irish friends and fans and of course to those special fans who happen to "pretend" to be Irish every St. Paddy's Day. In honor of the holiday, we are cracking open the second entry into what arguably might be the last gasp of the slasher era. We're talking about 1994's Leprechaun 2. A movie that literally has nothing in common with the original, other than Warwick Davis carrying the entire film due to the absence of the real star of the original, Jennifer Aniston's old nose and high tops. So grab a pint of green beer and a slice of Shepherd's Pie as we break down this cringe-worthy piece of nostalgia, Leprechaun 2!

Check out Episode 93 for our review of Leprechaun


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