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Jason Douglas of The Walking Dead, Dragonball Z, and Preacher - Interview- Episode 209

The Cinema Psychos Show

Release Date: 04/12/2021

Black Widow (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 218 show art Black Widow (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 218

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, Brian and John tackle Marvel Studios' first foreay into the quagmire that is the post-pandemic movie landscape with Black Widow.  A movie that was late due to a pandemic but also about 5 years too late due to the bone-headed belief that female-led superhero films would not sell in a sea of space gods, hulks, iron men, and super soldiers.  The result is a movie that tries to make up for lost time that originally saw a character reduced to the quintessential "sexy lamp" in Iron Man 2 and only over the course of 8 years finally get some character developement in Avengers...

Loki & Marvel TV - From The Concession Stand - Bonus Episode 1 show art Loki & Marvel TV - From The Concession Stand - Bonus Episode 1

The Cinema Psychos Show

Disclaimer: We recorded this little commentary on Loki well before the finale. So there is a good chance that our predictions are incorrect....or are they? Welcome to the first episode of "FROM THE CONCESSION STAND!" A piece of bonus content from The Cinema Psychos Show that takes a look at all things streaming! This week, Brian and Laine are burdened with glorious purpose as we break down the current crop of marvel tv shows, especially the time travelling and Multiverse bending madhouse that is LOKI! PATREON! We've just launched our Patreon!  Our show will of course always be free to...

Team America: World Police (2004) - Movie Review - Episode 217 show art Team America: World Police (2004) - Movie Review - Episode 217

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are celebrating the 4th of July the only way we know how. By breaking down one of the biggest parodies of American imperialism, 2004's Team America: World Police. A movie from the minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, probably the only people in the world who could make a movie that offends literally everyone yet still holds up as a fantastic parody of not only post 9/11 hysteria but also a parody of over the top Jerry Bruckheimer films. Do we think this movie could be made now a days....probably not, but if you're winding down from your backyard bbq and want to watch something...

Summer School (1987) - Movie Review - Episode 216 show art Summer School (1987) - Movie Review - Episode 216

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are reliving our worst nightmares......high school. We are sticking around 1987 as we take a look at one of the rare teenage comedies from the era to actually not be completely gross out and full of adult jokes. We are of course talking about the 1987 blast from the past, Summer School. A movie that gave us Mark Harmon prior to joining the force of NCIS, Kirsty Alley before Cheers and Look Who's Talking, and Dean Cameron before Ski School. A movie that just might be more famous for a comedic scene of gross out gore than it is for having a music video featuring the voice of Tommy...

The Stepfather (1987)- Movie Review - Episode 215 show art The Stepfather (1987)- Movie Review - Episode 215

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, Brian and John celebrate Father's Day in the only way possible; by reviewing a movie about a homicidal maniac who preys on single parent families in his search for the perfect family. We are of course talking about 1987's The Stepfather. An odd ball and much under appreciated slasher film that feels more like a slasher from the early 80's rather than the late 80's when stripped-sweatered dream killers and sadomascistic demons from a puzzle box were all the rage. Yet this film rises above all that and provides us with a smart and multi-layered horror film that touches on everything...

Army of the Dead (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 214 show art Army of the Dead (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 214

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, Brian and John wear out our welcome in Las Vegas as we step out of the world of Nomi Malone and The Stardust and into the world of Alpha Zombies, Beta Zombies, and Bespectacled Batistas'. Yes, we are talking about the much talked about post Justice League Netflix-nugget from Zack Snyder: Army of The Dead. A movie that has divided people nearly as much as any Zack Snyder movie would. The argument this time being centered around just how much Ella Purnell's Kate Ward screwed the pooch for the entire crew during her "I gotta get my random friend" death wish scene. Or possibly whether...

Showgirls (1995) - Movie Review- Episode 213 show art Showgirls (1995) - Movie Review- Episode 213

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, Brian and John are packing our bags and hitchhiking to the city of dreams and riches....LAS VEGAS! As we review one of the most expensive exploitation/cinemax softcore pornos ever made, Showgirls from 1995. Showgirls has a bit of everything for every kind of audience. Do you want blatant nudity and violent pool belly button sex? Showgirls has got it. Do you crave a movie about a down on her luck girl who rises through the ranks of Vegas' entertainment industry to become the leading Showgirl of the Stardust? Showgirls has got that too! Just don't ask for 5 star acting and a cohesive...

Hannibal (2001) - Movie Review - Episode 212 show art Hannibal (2001) - Movie Review - Episode 212

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week John and Brian invite you for dinner (wink wink cannibalism) as we gather for a feast of one of the most divisive entries in the Hannibal Lecter Cinematic Universe (Sorry Hannibal the tv show, only movies on this podcast), Hannibal from 2001. A direct sequel to the oscar winning 1991 Jonathan Demme film, Silence of the Lambs; Hannibal continues the story of everyone's favorite flesh eater, Dr. Hannibal Lecter as he jet sets around italy avoiding assassins, sneaky italian detectives, and flesh eating swine courtesy of a creepy Gary Oldman. All the while he pines for his favorite FBI...

Rosemary's Baby (1968) - Mother's Day Special - Episode 211 show art Rosemary's Baby (1968) - Mother's Day Special - Episode 211

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are saluting our mom's in honor of Mother's Day! We are joined this week by none other than the mother of our own little hell spawn, Jan Wooliscroft, mother of John Wooliscroft. Our guest's pick this week is the ultimate Mother's Day horror (aside from Mommie Dearest) the 1968 Roman Polanski (eww) classic, "Rosemary's Baby." A classic that showcases not only the horror of siring the spawn of Satan, but operates on a number of different narrative levels. Dealing with everything from the women's movement in the late 60's, the rise of consumerism against the backdrop of the hippie...

Mortal Kombat (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 210 show art Mortal Kombat (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 210

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, Brian, and John test their might and reminisce about Friday nights in the 90's with square pizza, surge, cool ranch Doritos and of course MORTAL KOMBAT! We are diving headfirst out of Earthrealm and straight into the Netherrealm of HBO Max to review the newest reboot from Hollywood's Nostalgia Machine; MORTAL KOMBAT. A movie that literally just has to show up to be leaps and bounds better than Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1998). But does this newest entry deliver the goods....and fatalities? Or does it suffer the same fate as other reboots of nostalgia (Ie. Total Recall, Power...

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This week, John sits down with Jason Douglas, a talented and multi-faceted actor both on screen and in your ears. He is an actor who has been on hit tv shows such as Tobin on "The Walking Dead" and Satan on "Preacher"; and in film playing roles like Mayor Kane in "Texas Cotton" and Al in "Cyst". Aside from his work on screen, Jason Douglas has an impressive list of roles as a voice actor for some of your favorite characters in anime and video games. He has gone on to play iconic roles such as Lord Beerus on Dragon Ball Super and Krieg in Borderlands. Jason gives a peek into his history of an actor, how he approaches voice acting and on camera acting, and personal stories from his many roles on hit tv shows and movies.


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