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Is There Really a “Wave of Foreclosures” Coming?

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Release Date: 04/19/2021

Two years ago to the day, Barry Habib absolutely nailed his housing market predictions. There's a reason why he's received the Crystal Ball Award from Zillow multiple years in a row. 🔮✨
This is interview is pure gold 💰💰💰!!! Be sure to watch to the end for the playbook to help alleviate your clients fears in today's fast-moving housing market!
2:00 - All of Barry's past predictions that came true!
4:15 - What to expect on rates in the short & long term! 💰
6:00 - It's time to get off the fence & here's why! 👌
6:45 - "Don't be psychologically married to a rate under 3%"! 🧮
7:00 - What may happen in the fall of 2021 that will bring rates back down.
8:45 - The economic spur - drought effect in real time. 🔔
9:10 - 2022-2023: A possible recession. 😳
10:00 - Is there ANY HOPE for housing? 🙏
13:45 - Why did CNBC smash the industry for an entire day? 📺
15:30 - How agents & lenders can combat the news headlines? 🤩
17:30 - The real equation of purchase power & housing affordability. 😍
19:00 - If you're going to bid over asking, how to calculate when you'll make your money back and how long it will take.
19:40 - The harsh truth about forbearances.
22:30 - A simple way to communicate advice to your customer's fear. 🧾
25:30 - How a first-time homebuyer tax credit will get first-time homebuyers underwater instantly. 🥽
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