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Roofing GMB Biggest Secret

raisetherank's podcast

Release Date: 04/21/2021

The Power of Google Reviews show art The Power of Google Reviews

raisetherank's podcast

Okay. Today's video is all about reviews. Responding to reviews and what reviews will do for your business. You know, I've said it for years, you can build a great roofing company, remodel company off the backbone of Google reviews. And today what we're going to do is go over the bright local. And let me just give you a quick background, who bride locally as they're one of the top sources for reviews and they have a ranking tool. On the planet. So they keep their nose in it and give a ton of information out all throughout the year. And this is their local consumer review survey results for...

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Okay, welcome to video number seven in our eight part series on Google My Business. And if there's anybody that has followed each and every one of these, I know you're going. Oh, okay. So we skipped six. Yeah, that's true. I got a little bit happy in. Podcast number five and I threw up bunch of stuff in there.

That was, it has to be in podcast number six. So, uh, that one was a deep podcast. I'm going to rebrand that one. Cause it was, it was a lot going on in there. But true enough, I did skip number six. Sorry about that. But it's actually all in one and it was, it's a good one. Cause there's a lot of good stuff in there.

And just as a recap, That one is about the weekly maintenance and I call it weekly maintenance. I call his tasks. That's something that you need to do every week. And you know, it's almost like food for the body. It is something that you just got to have just got to do it. So it's something that you need to put on your calendar for Friday, Thursday, Saturday, you know, whenever you've got some extra time or whatever that might be.

But those are some things that are going to make a huge impact over time with your Google, my business. And you know, one of my biggest secrets, I don't know if I've said this in any of the podcasts prior, but one of my biggest secrets really isn't a secret is consistent. You know, that's one of the things around here that we do.

This is just stuff that we do every single week. We don't go a week without making a post without putting images without updating ours, without checking that dashboard. We're in there a lot, you know, like right this minute, because of COVID. It's very possible that Google could be showing your hours off.

You need to at least go in and update your hours. Even if they have changed, just go in and click the update. It. And the reason for that is because if you update them, the Google's going to show them what they should base to that little caption up there, that there. So when they could be, you know, these hours could be different.

Whatever. So that's something that you need to do if you have not just a maintenance quickly, man, it's a task around here. So I would encourage you to go do that. Right now, if you haven't, because of it'll set your hours correctly for your clients. Now let's start into what makes up a search result with Google, because you know, today in this podcast, we're going to go rogue.

And what I mean by that is we're going to talk about ranking factors that are, is going to be put you in or out of the local pack and nothing else past the local pack and matters. Number four. Own to whatever ever, how many roofing contractors there are in your market. It does not matter only the top three matters.

So every time there is a different search, it is apt to be hundreds of different results. That's why you've got to be strong enough to rank and all of them. So today we're going to talk about the three things, the three main things that make up. A search result in Google and those, those things are proximity, relevance promise.

And I'm going to take these ones. Yeah. And then break them down for you and maybe you'll understand. While some of these things are going on. As far as you showing up in the local pack this time, or either your competitors are showing up. Let me go ahead and throw a pro tip in here. You can't do searches on yourself or your, your competitor on your iPhone or any device that you own and get a clean result.

Every time you click anything, especially yourself, your own website, or either your competitor's website. That is telling Google that you like those things, and it's going to serve those to you. So Google is about serving what they think you like and what they think you want. So every time you click yourself or a competitor, you're really skewing those numbers, you have to use an SEO tool.

I'm going, excuse me, an SEO tool. Like local Falcon. And there was a couple of other ones, but local Falcon is a real, really popular one. And that's the only way you're going to get a true surf because I got clients all the time. I don't see myself or I'm seeing this, or I'm seeing that. And skewed results is what you're doing.

Even if you use. Google's incognito browser off of Chrome. You're still very likely not right. You're gonna get a good result. So again, that tool, if you want to do that, that tool is local Falcon. Okay. Let's dive into these ranking factors and I'm going to go a little bit deeper than I did in the video.

Cause we got a little bit more time. Yeah. So you can understand that. So let's talk about proximity. First proximity is exactly what it sounds like. It is. How close is. Your office too, that searchers. So that's the first thing is going to reach for, you can take all the others, the ranking factors you want to, and, you know, Google openly, he says there's at least two to 300.

They're vague about everything. They're not going to tell you how many it is, but I can assure you it's more than any 300, but you can take them all. It proximity is going to Trump them all for the first ranking factor. Now you gotta remember inside of any search criteria with Google. There are a lot of criteria that are going on in there.

So proximity is number one. So if you've got somebody Sargent roof repair and there they're a quarter mile from you. The odds are you're going to get that, that click or a call that doesn't necessarily mean that because there's a lot of stuff, there's a lot of criteria going on, but the proximity part of that algorithm is going to kick in at that point.

So now let's, let's touch on relevance. So what does relevance really mean? Okay, well, the relevancy of you and your company to that search that was done, and we're going to go over a few different searches. And I'll explain to you what it means, but relevance is okay. How relevant is your company to the search that the Google customer just did?

So, yeah, if they did and I'll take these three, uh, starches to, as an example, roofer near me. Best roofer near me and local roofer near me. Okay. Those all might sound like the same thing, but I assure you, they are drastically different searches, especially when you start throwing all the algorithm changes in there, all the algorithms that they use.

So when you start talking about roofer near me, okay. Proximity is going to be number one, obviously. So now when you start saying. Best route for near me. Okay. Now we're starting to get to the relevance part of this thing. So now Google's going to look at how many Google reviews you have from one. They're going to look for anything that's negative across the web.

For two, they're going to be looking at your BBB profile. They're going to be looking at the secretary of state's office to see if there's any legal actions against you. Oh, wait a minute. There. You're talking about other other sites. This has got nothing to do with Google crawls, everything on the web.

They crawl every single website on the face of the planet that is hooked to the internet. And if your name pops up, it's going into their index. So they have everything there is to know about you. Good, bad, or ugly. So when the relevancy part of this thing kicks in is how close are you? And then how relevant to the search.

So if you're in, it says best route for near me, and you've got 150 reviews and you're a 4.8. And you've got stuff on your website because Google's gonna know everything that's on your website, every single page, ever every piece of a page. So if you've got stuff in there saying best refer near mate, then you've got those keywords in your, your website somewhere, and you've got good reviews and you've got a good BBB profile and you look good on the secretary of state and they crawl the.

Contractor boards, website, all of those things kick in and now you get to click even though contractor a may be closer to them. So now we start looking at promise, proximity, relevancy promise. So promise is going to kick in next. Okay, prominence. And let's say that somebody hits own local roofer near me.

Okay. That sounds like roofer near me. Local roofer near me is local, but those are drastically. Those are polar opposites. If you start really breaking it down, as far as the way Google looks at things. So how do I tell Google that I'm local? Well, the way you tell Google that your local one is you have content on your website.

That tells them that you're local. If you're in Oklahoma city, you need a pay about Oklahoma city and it needs to have a lot of things to tie you to Oklahoma city. Some of the other things that you can do back links back links are huge. So you want to have right backlinks from, if you do advertising with a local newspaper, you want a back link from them.

They, they owe you that if you support the little league team or a basketball team or the. The high school band, any of these things are gonna be the local back links that are going to be pointing back to your website that tells Google that you're local for that area. No other area matters. It's local to where the searcher is and where you are.

That is squat is easy to win the battle. Two and a half miles from your location. But now when you start getting past two and a half miles or Google local, you every 2.5 miles, that local pack is going to change and it doesn't matter what search has done. So you have got to be strong enough to win as close to your office is 2.5 miles, but you've also got to be strong enough to win.

2.5 miles, three miles, four miles, five miles, because it is going to be a battle. When you start getting out three miles in four miles, five miles from your office, take it from me. It's a battle when you get there. And if you're in a city, let's take his bird Mississippi, for example. And you won't, you're not in Harrisburg.

You're actually in Purvis because I have a client there and you want to rank. And how does bark, which is the bigger city. And that's a very common thing, whether it's Denham Springs to Louisiana. To Baton Rouge, Denham Springs is basically a suburb of Baton Rouge. If you will know the truth, but to be in denim and right, or the Baton Rouge keywords is that, uh, you know, those, those markets are a beast.

So that is what's hard to do. And that's when, uh, the prominence part of this comes in. You've got to have a lot of reviews. You need a bunch of back links. You need a lot of content. That is how you tell Google who you are, what you do and where you do it. And that is called proximity, relevancy and promise.

So those are the things that we really need to talk about today and try to get some understanding of it. Okay. That stuff right there can really get deep and it can get confusing. And if you don't have an answer, you know, background, sometimes that kind of stuff can be really hard to follow. So if anybody has any questions out there, please send them to me.

I'll be happy to answer any questions that you got. Feel free to send me a detailed email. If I can get a little more detailed for you, if you want to call me, call me. I mean, our phone numbers on our website. So I know these things can get deep. And you, you may not want to get there, but the thing is, if you're working your GMV and you're trying to get into that local pack, these things matter, these things are going to either put you in it or put you out of it.

So you need to know what a little bit about it. So if you have any more questions, please just get in touch with me.