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463 Pink House Neon, Old Fashioneds and Good Beer

Working Class Bowhunter

Release Date: 08/12/2021

475 Wyoming Mule Deer show art 475 Wyoming Mule Deer

Working Class Bowhunter

This episode is all about the recent Wyoming high country mule deer hunt with Curt, Clint and Devin. The hunt was short but didn't lack its fair share of struggle and adventure! Enjoy!

EP 3 | Mark's 216 5/8 Iowa Giant | Working Class On DeerCast show art EP 3 | Mark's 216 5/8 Iowa Giant | Working Class On DeerCast

Working Class Bowhunter

Mark, Perry and Curt record a podcast about Mark’s recent success on a true midwestern GIANT whitetail! Recorded with the buck in the back of the tracker! We close out the episode with a Giant Tracker segment with Michael Munson and his Kansas 195 7/8” whitetail! We hope you enjoy!

474 Alaska Moose show art 474 Alaska Moose

Working Class Bowhunter

Ross, Austin and Cody are back from their moose hunting trip in Alaska!  They break down all the details on a very successful hunting trip! Talk about an adventure! Enjoy! 

473 Sam Ubl | Chase Nation show art 473 Sam Ubl | Chase Nation

Working Class Bowhunter

Sam Ubl from Chase Nation joins us this week in the studio! In this episode we talk about the new film coming out focusing on HHA USA and the amazing Veterans involved. We also get Sam's take on the YouTube demonetization of hunting videos and channels. Enjoy! 

EP 2 Wind & Early Season Whitetails| Working Class On DeerCast | Clint Casper & Curt Geier show art EP 2 Wind & Early Season Whitetails| Working Class On DeerCast | Clint Casper & Curt Geier

Working Class Bowhunter

Curt sits down with guest Clint Casper to talk whitetails in the early season. Clint covers some great topics on using the wind to your advantage, feed patterns, being cautious but calculated, and targeting specific deer. Then we jump into the Giant Tracker Segment with Trent Linderer and talk about his Missouri 193 4/8” buck!

472 Mark Drury | Taylor Land show art 472 Mark Drury | Taylor Land

Working Class Bowhunter

This week Curt is joined in studio by Mark Drury and for the second half of the episode Taylor jumps on the podcast via zoom! Enjoy!

EP 1 | Working Class On DeerCast | Curt Geier & Mark Drury show art EP 1 | Working Class On DeerCast | Curt Geier & Mark Drury

Working Class Bowhunter

Curt Geier and Mark Drury sit down for the very first episode of Working Class on DeerCast! They discuss the new series, what to expect and where to find it. Mark explains the new video series “Deer Season 21”, and we jump into the Giant Tracker segment with Steve Koyn, from Oklahoma to hear the story of his 209 3/8” giant!

471 Measuring Deer | Bucky Ihlenfeldt show art 471 Measuring Deer | Bucky Ihlenfeldt

Working Class Bowhunter

Bucky Ihlenfeldt joins us in the studio this week to talk measuring deer and legendary whitetails! 

470 The Outdoor Drive Podcast show art 470 The Outdoor Drive Podcast

Working Class Bowhunter

The boys from The Outdoor Drive Podcast made the LONG drive to the WCB studio. These guys host a great show and are celebrating their 100th episode with us in the new studio! Enjoy!

469 The Raven Project show art 469 The Raven Project

Working Class Bowhunter

Randy Birdsong and Dustin Reece from the Raven Project join us in studio this week! These guys are a riot to hang out with and The Raven Project is an awesome idea and just about every whitetail hunters dream!

More Episodes

Jordan Gensmer and Kevin Thomson come to the studio for a Sunday Fun Day to deliver the new WCB neon sign and drink some Leinenkugels beer. 

Jordan is from Pink House Neon, Pull Back And Let Go, and Angler's Haven Resort. Kevin is from General Beer Northwest. Our type of people! Enjoy! 

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