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Wu Tang Clan

This Is Rad!

Release Date: 09/22/2021

Early 90s Live Action Disney Movies show art Early 90s Live Action Disney Movies

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by John Duarte for a chat about Disney's live action output from the early 90s. We only go mainline Disney so there are a few things missing but we go deep as we remember stuff we saw and vaguely remember along with things we've seen hundreds of times over the years. Some real nostalgia porn on this one. We also chat the proper way to eat an uncrushable and Burnside tries to explain TCGs.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Stewart Lee albums on apple music Carpet Remnant World (comedy albums) Matthew – The promise of listening to The Smiles album (sense of...

Fast Food Favorites show art Fast Food Favorites

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome comedian Dana Whissen for a chat about their favorite fast food items. Right up front, this ep is a little short cause Dana had to go, we will 100% be doing a second Fast Food Favorites episode. Okay, with that out of the way, the gang chat about long lost items at Burger King, the purpose of Dunken, and the origins of Hardees. They also go pretty deep on fast food breakfasts. What AM items are secretly gold? Which ones will mess up your day before it begins?   PLUS! In the episode we discuss Tiger Electronic Games and specifically the one for musical...

Movie Soundtracks show art Movie Soundtracks

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew chat with Drew Coombs about movie soundtracks. We also warn of the danger of movie soundtracks on vinyl. In the last decade there has been a rise in amazing pressings of classic (and not so classic) movie soundtracks and Drew owns many of them. They compare soundtracks that are the score of the film versus soundtracks made up of pop songs and our relationships with both. We talk soundtracks that have influenced our lives and chat about our favorite film composers. A shockingly on topic episode.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Russian Doll Season 2 (show) (plus band...

Listener Questions April 2022 show art Listener Questions April 2022

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew answer listener questions for April 2022. Subjects discussed include summer driving jams, flame broiled taste, and you get to hear in realtime as Burnside solves several of Kyle's stand up problems. Fun stuff.   For $1 at Patreon you can ask Kyle and Matthew a question. No question is too dumb. No rambling introduction to the question is too long. No thinly veiled promotional item is too thinly veiled. Grab four digital quarters and make us dance for your amusement!   Send Us Stuff! We have a PO Box! This Is Rad! / Kyle Clark PO Box #198 2470 Stearns St...

Sam Keith and The Maxx show art Sam Keith and The Maxx

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome writer and musician Jay Richardson to chat about comic book creator Sam Keith and his signature creation The Maxx. The origins of Keith and The Maxx give them an excuse to chat about the world of indie comics pre and post the creation of Image Comics. But before we get to comics, Kyle and Jay come out of the same music scene and the chat about the strange phenomena of people from that scene randomly reappearing in each others lives. Plus, Burnside gives us a breakdown of his Coachella after spending the weekend watching the livestreams.   Weekly Rads:...

Food, Clowns, and Burlesque show art Food, Clowns, and Burlesque

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by one half of the Friends with Food podcast Zoe Friesen for a conversation that runs the gamete. If most podcasts don't have enough talk about clown college than you have come to the right place. Plus, we discuss one of life's great questions: How do you “unhunkify” a total hunk?   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Robert Ahn's Wedding /Fun Weddings (event) Matthew – The Aisha Tyler Seasons are on HBO Max! (show) Zoe – Selling Sunset (show)   Send Us Stuff! We have a PO Box! This Is Rad! / Kyle Clark PO Box #198 2470 Stearns St Simi Valley, CA 93063...

Make-Up show art Make-Up

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew get pretty as they chat with comedian Jozlyn Sharp about the effect make-up has had on her life. Its a beautiful and earnest story but don't you worry, we also discuss appointment pornography, Juggalo tick tok, erotic sonic...   Weekly Rads: Kyle – The 90s by Chuck Klosterman (book) Weekly Bad: Matthew – "Is it cake" celebrating a guy cheating (boo)  Kyle is coming to Seattle!!! Get your tickets:   April 5th Smile Awhile @ The Crocodile $5   April 7th Central Comedy Show at Central Cinema $20   Send Us Stuff! We have a PO Box! This Is...

Listener Questions March 2022 show art Listener Questions March 2022

This Is Rad!

Kyle and Matthew answer your questions and, among other things, chat about the Steam Deck, hot new games of the season, and our pitches for rebooting James Bond...   For just $1 a month YOU too could be asking us questions!  Go to  and start thinking of something that will distract us for an hour's worth of an episode!  Send Us Stuff! We have a PO Box! This Is Rad! / Kyle Clark PO Box #198 2470 Stearns St Simi Valley, CA 93063   Tales from an Analog Future issue 1 (Early Access Edition) Get it HERE:  Get Kyle's album "Absolute Terror" here:...

Michael Cusack show art Michael Cusack

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by the hilarious Kevin Anderson to talk about the creative force behind the Adult Swim series Yolo Crystal Fantasy and Smiling Friends, Michael Cusack. Between Aunty Donna and Michael Cusack, 2022 seems to be the year of the hilarious Australians on This Is Rad! There's a great conversation about weird comedy and pretensions, some quality riffing, and a Shrek impression or two...   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Letterkenny International Women's Day Special (show) and Romance Is Boring by Los Campisinos! (album) Matthew – Last One Laughing (Canada) (show)...

Sherlock Holmes show art Sherlock Holmes

This Is Rad!

This week the boys are joined by documentarian and derby gal, Taylor VH for a chat about literature's greatest detective. The concept of Sherlock Holmes has inspired generations of mystery writers but there is something beyond that, that speaks to Taylor. We talk about the BBC series and The Great Mouse Detective. We also talk about burning leaves with magnifying glasses, MTV awards shows, and delicious sauces.   Weekly Rads: Matthew – The dark humor of the Universe (ethereal force) and vintage America's Funniest Home Videos (show) Kyle – The Batman Taylor – Trainspotting 2 (movie)...

More Episodes

This week Kyle and Matthew discuss a topic that ain't nothing to [email protected] with. They are joined by one of Rad's favorite guests, the one and only Ed Greer for a rousing discussion about the music and the cultural impact of The Wu Tang Clan. What kind of impact does the idea of rappers as super heroes do to a young person's brain? What are the entry points for getting into Wu Tang and what are the essential albums? All this and several hours more will get discussed as we step into the slums of Shaolin and enter the 36 chambers...


Weekly Rads:

Kyle - Cobra Kai (show)

Matthew - Code Red Mountain Dew float (tasty treat)

Ed - The fallout from the Rocketeer reboot having a black lead (thing that happened)


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