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Why Your Support Network is Essential for Wellbeing

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Release Date: 10/21/2021

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Why Your Support Network is Essential for Wellbeing show art Why Your Support Network is Essential for Wellbeing

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This week I'm sharing Why Your Support Network is Essential for Wellbeing

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This week I'm sharing Why Your Support Network is Essential for Wellbeing


  • Why a strong support network will help you through stressful times
  • We break it down to look at professional and social networks
  • What steps you can take to improve your professional network
  • How your social network is also great for boosting your wellbeing
  • Why it’s never too soon to cultivate these important relationships.

A strong support network can be essential to help you through the stress of tough times. 

Studies have shown that isolation and loneliness are associated with a greater risk of poor mental health and other health problems.

There can be a number of signs of struggling with wellbeing and these can be found on other episodes in more detail.  As a brief overview this might be:


Tired, exhausted, not sleeping, are possibly commonly known ones.

Worries, anxiety, being tense, irritable, on edge, short tempered.

Difficulty concentrating, struggling to make decisions, being forgetful – these all indicate that your head is full up!

Physical symptoms might be there but not as noticeable as burn out signs.

IBS and gastrointestinal disorders, headaches, problems with immune system and even just getting ill really frequently – more frequently than the next person.


There are a couple of significant areas that you can look at improving your support.

Professional and personal.


Lets take professional first.


These might be support from your boss, a coach, a mentor, your co-workers and also others in your industry.


So how do you improve these areas?


Look at who you have or what support you have in these areas.

What is missing?

What do you need more of?

Then you make a plan to fill those gaps.

Listen in where I explain more about how you can do that.


Friends, family members, co-workers, and can all be potential sources of social connectivity.

You might be wondering – really Emma.  I want to progress professionally what does family and friends have to do with it?

Often these people are your biggest cheerleaders.  Even if they don’t understand your job, or your pressures, explain to them too what support you need from them. 

I share how you can improve your social network and why it's important that you make the effort once in a while to do that.

Finally I share about the benefits of being with people has on your wellbeing so that you can ensure that you get the most from the time spent in your networks.


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